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By the student team behind Joy4All It’s important to celebrate all things big and small as we move into another spring focussed on virtual learning and caring for the well-being of our families, friends, and communities. Here at Ever Active Schools, we recently celebrated the very first birthday of The Joy4All Project: a phone hotline…
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Submitted by Karena Munroe, Calgary Board of Education Special thank you to co-authors Cindy Thomson and her grade 7 classes In my School District, students and teachers have sent a resounding message through an internal survey about the importance of prioritizing school wellness responses as critical work in our school development planning. I set out…
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Beginning in September 2020, Ever Active Schools began to question our practice of territory land acknowledgements. The tipping point for some staff could be expressed in the words of Kay Ho: “Oftentimes, when non-Indigenous organizers make a territory acknowledgement, it is done hastily, and then discarded.” (2014, An Introduction to Settler Colonialism: Part Three) This…
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Teachers of Tomorrow


Advancing school wellness through teacher preparedness.

The Teachers of Tomorrow initiative proposes an upstream approach to addressing student well-being through the issue of teacher preparedness, situating it both as a proximal factor with immediate student impact, and as a critical lever of systemic change utilizing a Comprehensive School Health (CSH) framework.

Recognizing the potential for downstream student impacts and for rippling across educational contexts, Ever Active Schools began actively partnering with the Werklund School of Education (WSE) in 2011 to accelerate closure of the critical gap between how teachers are prepared to address wellness and what they are expected to do in practice.

These collaborative efforts have both informed, and been informed by, the culture of wellness in the Faculty at WSE and in school communities across Alberta. The results of this work has been a prototype for a system of wellness education, modelled on the CSH framework and involving the development of key partnerships, addressing the social and physical environments of the faculty, implementing healthy school policies and teaching and learning strategies.

This work has since evolved to include work with three other project sites in an intensive way (the University of Alberta (U of A), University of Lethbridge (U of L) and Concordia University of Edmonton (CUE)), and a total of 14 other corresponding sites that are involved in a network of universities sharing their journeys.

Teachers of Tomorrow continues to work in a dedicated way with six sites across Alberta (WSE, UofA, UofL, CUE, UBC and MRU.) Each site has formed a team of health/wellness champions and has worked to assess their current states of wellness within their Faculties. Each of the sites is now in the phase of creating and implementing an action plan.

Corresponding national sites have been involved through the National Forum on Wellness in Post Secondary Education, which which has been hosted annually since 2018. Key deliverables of this project that are intended to promote knowledge exchange include the website and the co-creation of a podcast series, The Podclass.

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