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Earth Day blog image with a background of various outdoor images with text that reads "A Time to Reflect, A Time to Act".

Earth Day: A Time to Reflect; A Time to Act

Written by Tracey Coutts, Ever Active Schools Welcome Earth Day! “Earth Day is an annual celebration that…raises awareness of the need to protect Earth’s natural resources for future generations.” (National Geographic, Education: Earth Day, 2024).  The first Earth Day was held on April 22, 1970; today, Earth Day is celebrated on either April 22 or…

The 2024 Winter Cycling Congress: What a Ride!

Written by:  Tracey Coutts and Katie Mahon, Ever Active Schools   Has this ever happened to you… You invite people to your favourite place, maybe it’s a pizza parlour, a place known for its delicious pizza but, just as your guests start to pour through the door, the parlour runs out of cheese. Like, completely.…
Scooter rack full of scooters to promote active school travel


Writers:  Trevor Henderson, Black Gold School Division Wellness Lead, with support from Tracey Coutts and Shauna Miller-Shaker   Ever Active School supports many Active School Travel (AST) projects across the province which boast some pretty amazing outcomes, one of which continues to shine in Leduc, Alberta. In 2020/2021, Black Gold School Division Wellness Lead, Trevor…

Active and Safe Routes to School - Calgary

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Schools are hubs of community, and quality school travel planning initiatives can contribute to student health and learning outcomes, improve safety, and reduce traffic congestion and harmful emissions that contribute to poorer air quality in school zones at drop off and pick up times.

In October 2019, through funding from the City of Calgary, a three year pilot of the Active and Safe Routes to School project began. Thirty schools benefited by being led through the School Travel Planning (STP) process by a trained and experienced Ever Active Schools facilitation team.

On completion of the pilot, funding was extended for two years and an additional twenty schools began their school travel planning journeys to increase opportunities for safe and active travel for their school communities.

To learn more about this project, visit the City of Calgary's Active and Safe Routes to School page

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