Teachers' Conventions

Teachers' Convention is back in-person in 2023! Ever Active Schools will be there with fun and practical sessions that support healthy school communities.

ever active schools and friends at teachers' convention 2023

Check the drop-down menus for links to session details, times and dates as they are confirmed for the conventions this year.

Teaching the New Physical Education and Wellness Curriculum Without Breaking a Sweat (JK, You’ll be Sweating!)

Presented by Ever Active Schools and HPEC

This session is designed to support teachers to increase their confidence and competence to implement the Alberta K-6 Physical Education and Wellness curriculum. The content will be grounded in best practice in pedagogy, and will cover the similarities and differences from previous curricula, provide tips on planning, implementation and assessment, and include a reference resource for each organizing idea.

This session will be presented LIVE at:

Students as Change Makers for Healthy Schools

Presented by Ever Active Schools

Student leadership and voice is an essential part of a healthy school community.  In this session explore ways that leadership opportunities can be embedded in school culture and encouraged for all students, not just the ones who are already demonstrating strong leadership qualities. Let’s move beyond our assumptions of “what makes a good leader” and create space for all students to show their unique strengths! Learn from a variety of student leadership strategies and success stories from schools across the province, and find opportunities to amplify student voices in your school community.

This session will be presented LIVE at:

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