Thank You for Supporting Healthy School Communities!

How you can help

Ever Active Schools (formerly Active Healthy Kids Canada) is a registered national charity and gratefully accepts donations to support our efforts in promoting health and well-being for children and youth. Donations can be made to specific projects, or can provide access to services and resources for schools and families experiencing higher need. Please contact us for more information on our Leave-a-Legacy Endowment Program.

Donate to Ever Active Schools:

Your donation to Ever Active Schools supports the health and well-being of school communities across Alberta. Your generous donations support the engagement of school communities to address health and education goals to improve social outcomes of children and youth. Ever Active Schools prioritizes support for students, families and communities of higher need; your donation will provide access to services, programming and/or resources for students and school communities.

Donate to a current initiative of Ever Active Schools:

The Joy4All Project was launched by high school students in Calgary as a socially innovative volunteer opportunity to connect with seniors experiencing loneliness amid COVID-19 related closures. Students use multiple technology platforms  — website, social media and hotline — to maximize intergenerational engagement. Young people submit jokes, stories and messages of kindness through web-based technology, and seniors from across Canada can call in to the hotline (1-877-JOY-4ALL) to receive them. With guidance from their teacher and support staff, students use the funds contributed to The Joy4All Project to maintain and grow the service.

The Alberta Medical Association Youth Run Club is a free, fun and flexible running program that helps children and youth increase their participation in physical activity. Registered clubs run together 1-5 times per week, and receive all of the necessary resources to implement and maintain a successful run club.

Check back for more donation opportunities coming soon!

The Charity

Late in 2017, Active Healthy Kids Canada (AHKC), a national charity active in Ontario, was acquired by a board of directors based in Alberta to be a platform for thought leadership, coordination, and awareness for the importance of upstream approaches to healthy school communities. In 2019, the board of directors filed a name change to Ever Active Schools (approved by Canada Revenue Agency, though still in transition on public documents) and assumed governance of a special project of the Health and Physical Education Council of Alberta, operating as Ever Active Schools (EAS) since 2000. The shift in governance enables the alignment of purpose between EAS operations and AHKC charity for enhanced impact, as well as a greater range of possibilities for both strategic guidance and partnerships.

Our work prioritizes the well-being of children and youth, working through school and community settings. In the promotion of optimal health and learning outcomes, we emphasize the role of positive mental health and sense of belonging, equitable access to health and education opportunities, and students as leaders in advancing social issues.