Fundraising on behalf of Ever Active Schools is a much-appreciated way to support healthy futures for all children! Below are some ideas for third-party fundraisers and how to connect with EAS on it.

Facebook Fundraisers

Facebook makes it easy to fundraise for your favourite charities!

Sell Products or Services

Donating a portion of sales from your product or service goes a long way! Many folks are even more keen to purchase when proceeds support a cause they believe in.

Host an Event

In-person events build a feeling of connectedness and familiarity, not to mention they are a ton of fun! 

Skip The Depot

With Skip the Depot, you can donate your recyclable bottle and can return directly to Ever Active Schools!

Third-party Fundraiser Terms & Conditions

  1. Third-party fundraisers must be reviewed and approved by Ever Active Schools to ensure alignment with our mission, vision and values. Any requests for sponsorship, such as prizes or silent auction items, should be approved by Ever Active Schools in advance to ensure there is no conflict of interest.
  2. Ever Active Schools branding assets (name, logo, website, social media, etc) cannot be used for promotion of third-party fundraisers without prior approval. Any materials featuring EAS branding should be submitted for approval prior to printing or distributing.
  3. Fundraiser organizers will be responsible for obtaining required licensing of any kind (for example, Alberta Gaming and Liquor licensing). 
  4. Any media relations must be discussed with Ever Active Schools prior to sending press releases or media advisories or participating in any interviews.
  5. Ever Active Schools is not responsible for any expenses incurred by any third-party fundraising activities.