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  • Online Physical Activity 101 Certification Module

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Alberta Active After School

Help kids move more.

The after-school time period is a particularly important time in children and youths' lives. These after-school hours offer a critical window for active and social play, though many young people are engaging in more passive forms of entertainment. In fact, only 1/3 of Canadian children and youth are meeting Canada's Physical Activity Guidelines (Stats Canada, 2017). By providing an opportunity for children and youth to engage in physically active and supportive after-school programs, there is a great opportunity to positively impact their health, well-being and safety.

We believe physical activity is critical to every child’s healthy development and fundamental to every Albertan’s quality of life and overall well-being. Through this initiative, we aim to support more after-school programs in providing more quality physical activity experiences for children and youth, ultimately resulting in more Albertans meeting the recommended levels of physical activity.

Many organizations in the province of Alberta have invested in the issue of physical activity in after-school settings over a sustained period of time. Ever Active Schools began taking a leadership role in coordinating these organizations through the Alberta Active After School Committee in 2014. Since that time, the committee has been involved in developing a repository of resources on the Alberta portal of the Canadian Active After School Partnership, developing and piloting the Provincial Activity Guidelines for After-School Programs in Alberta, implementing those guidelines through an online certification module, building and maintaining a community of practice for programs, and continuing to build capacity of programs to support physical activity through the delivery of training opportunities.

We are currently working to implement the Provincial Activity Guidelines for After-School Programs in Alberta through a Physical Activity 101 certification module. This free training aims to educate and build the capacity of after-school programs in Alberta so that all children and youth in the province meet the recommended physical activity guidelines. We are also offering training days to after-school programs, keeping in touch with programs via an e-newsletter and maintaining an activity database with over 800 activities for after-school programs that can be filtered by age range, skill, play area, group size and more. Be sure to check out this database on our website here.

We've heard from many programs that they don't identify as a physically active program, that they don't have an extra 30 minutes to dedicate to physical activity, that they don't have the space, or that training is simply inaccessible. We're hoping to change that mindset through our free training module, which teaches various ways to implement physical activity into otherwise-sedentary programming; provides games and adaptations perfect for small spaces; and shows that you don't need to block 30 straight minutes to get 30 minutes of physical activity in.

The Physical Activity 101 training module went live in March 2019 and since then, more than 6,500 after-school program staff have completed the module. To view the programs in Alberta who have completed this check out our online training page.

Check out the website!

View the guidelines, take the training module, and find out  how to help kids move more.

Active After School Committee

A committee, chaired by Ever Active Schools, does the work of Alberta Active After School. This committee consists of leaders across the province in the after-school time period, including:

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Funding for this work has previously been provided by the  Ministry of Culture, Multiculturalism and Status of Women, as well as Makadiff Sports.