Ever Active Schools is a provincial initiative designed to create and support healthy school communities. We engage and support schools through a Comprehensive School Health approach, which addresses health and education goals to improve the social outcomes of children and youth in Alberta.

Through collaborative partnerships, projects-based work, knowledge exchange and competency-based learning opportunities, Ever Active Schools spearheads meaningful collaboration between the health, education, recreation and active living sectors. 

Ever Active Schools is a special project of the Health and Physical Education Council of the Alberta Teachers Association. We are grateful for ongoing Government of Alberta support and funding from Alberta Health, Alberta Education and Alberta Culture, Multiculturalism and Status of Women.


EAS is a connecting point and hub within the province for the advancement of comprehensive school health and the support of provincial efforts around healthy children and youth. Ever Active Schools works directly with Alberta schools supporting wellness education and comprehensive school health, building capacity through innovative projects and through competency focused learning opportunities.

Comprehensive School Health


Professional Learning



Partnership with Canadian Tire's Jumpstart

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Since 2017, Ever Active Schools has worked with Canadian Tire’s Jumpstart Charities to increase the capacity for physical activity, sport and overall student well-being in Alberta school communities.  The work has increased the capacity of school communities to create opportunities for all to participate.

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