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It is our hope that every student in Alberta experience the diversity of Indigenous cultures on National Indigenous Peoples Day! Every year on June 21, schools all across the nation take the opportunity to celebrate Indigenous culture and history.


Written by: Kayli McClelland, Creative Media Specialist, Ever Active Schools THIS YEAR’S RESILIENCY SUMMIT HAS LEFT OUR WHOLE TEAM PUMPED FOR NEXT YEAR ALREADY! Although we had some big changes this time around, we still had a successful two days of learning, sharing and celebrating. More than 30 school teams from across Alberta representing Treaties…


Submitted by Alberta Mentoring Partnership MENTORING IS AN EVIDENCE-BASED STRATEGY THAT SUPPORTS STUDENTS’ MENTAL HEALTH, SENSE OF BELONGING AND CONNECTEDNESS, ENGAGEMENT AND ATTENDANCE, HIGH SCHOOL COMPLETION AND ULTIMATELY SUCCESS IN AND BEYOND SCHOOL. In addition, mentoring contributes to a welcoming, caring, respectful and safe learning environment. The Alberta Mentoring Partnership (AMP) is a network of…


Written by: Megan Jones, School Health Facilitator, Ever Active Schools I recently had the opportunity to spend five months at Kitaskinaw School, in Enoch, and felt lucky to have so much time to connect with the staff and students. A grant with Sport for Life initially brought me to the school and it gave me…
Indigenous people make a presentation to a crowd in a school library


Written by Sissy Thiessen, Resiliency Coordinator, Ever Active Schools Every year on June 21, schools all across the nation take the opportunity to celebrate Indigenous culture, history and contributions for National Indigenous Peoples Day. A way that many schools commemorate this special day is by hosting school-wide activities and celebrations. Many Alberta school jurisdictions have…


Written by: Mac Walton, Resiliency Coordinator, Ever Active Schools  In 2016-17, Ever Active Schools received funding from the Urban Partnerships program to launch the Miyomahchihowin project, which means “in good health” in Cree. The project provided pathways for 30 Indigenous youth to build personal skills and access employment or volunteer opportunities in the areas of…


Submitted by Michael Janz (@michaeljanz), Alberta Mentoring Partnership This week, in recognition of #MentoringMonth, we’re pleased to feature a guest post from Michael Janz, partnership engagement coordinator with the Alberta Mentoring Partnership. DID YOU KNOW THAT 80 PER CENT OF ALBERTANS AGES 18-24 WISH THEY’D HAD A MENTOR WHEN THEY WERE YOUNGER? January 25th is…


Written by Margaux McWatt, Communications Coordinator, Ever Active Schools You can faintly smell traces of burnt sage in the air, and the crisp and fresh aroma of the outdoors during winter, emanating from those just entering the building. Laughter and boots packing down snow can be heard close, and echoing outdoors. Smiling faces greet you…

Indigenous Youth Mentorship Program (IYMP)

20190313 Treaty 6 Winter Games KM 0192

The Indigenous Youth Mentorship program (IYMP) is a leadership opportunity for secondary students (the mentors) in which they offer an after-school program for the younger students. Their program involves providing a nutritious snack and a structured activity or series of games created and delivered by the mentors. They first receive training in the basics of nutrition through a partnership with Registered Dieticians from the local First Nation Health Centre and/or Alberta Health Services, as well as learn how to facilitate, and involve the younger students in, games and some sport activities.


Without Dr. Kate Storey from the University of Alberta, Ever Active Schools would not be able to offer as comprehensive a program as we do.


We support several IYMP programs throughout the Treaty regions in Alberta. Schools have reported increased student attendance on days when the mentorship program is offered. In addition, the increased physical activity helps students to reach the recommended daily physical activity levels. One of the great things about the Indigenous Youth Mentorship Program is that the younger students have access to their mentors within their home community: this allows a relationship to exist outside of the school and program context to strengthen the whole community. A goal of IYMP is for it to be a sustainable program that school communities can continue to facilitate going forward.

Currently, we are working to expand the reach of IYMP to more First Nations schools. Through the provision of retreat-style training for the mentors, this program arms the older students with the skills, knowledge and support they need to deliver a fun and physically active after-school program. Our Resilient Schools team provides support, increases networks, and finds creative solutions to challenges faced by each unique school community. For example, some First Nations schools on reserve only offer up to grade nine. In one of these communities, IYMP has partnered with an off-reserve high school and transports the mentors to the on-reserve school they once attended to work within their community.

This project has been supported through several partnerships. It started as a project, with measurable outcomes related to physical wellness such as weight. This program has grown into a weekly activity that is dedicated to fun, physical activity and nutrition. Some programs have incorporated their local culture, thereby taking a more holistic approach to the program delivery, by including prayer and smudging ceremonies at the start of each session. This action has proven to be a great success as most youth in the community programs understand the impact of the sacred medicine and the role ‘grounding the youth through prayer’ plays.

"Two youth have been instrumental in the program by buying in to the youth mentorship piece. Both students have done a remarkable job in the program as youth leaders and have taken on the task of building bridges between families who were previously divided in the community. This program is helping the community to heal by breaking down barriers between families that have prevented children from relating positively to one another."

- Principal of partner school

"I have seen a tremendous change in our leaders' attitudes and confidence. Some have increased their personal hygiene due to constant interactions with students, while others have become more helpful and forthcoming - don't have to ask them to lead, they just do it. Ever Active has been fantastic. Thank you for giving me the flexibility to attempt new things while sticking within the main goals of the program. We continue to bridge the gap between culture, elders, leadership and education. Like they say, Rome wasn't built in a day. We'll continue to be proactive in addressing foreseeable concerns or obstacles and retroactive when we have to be. We have seen improvement in office referrals from some of our off/on attenders as they try and become leaders in the school themselves. There has been improvement in student and teacher interactions as well. As the students learn how to maturely address adults, manners and overall politeness have improved. Also, not as much talking back."
- Teacher lead in IYMP mentorship school

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