Active School Travel

At Ever Active Schools, we have plenty of experience working with school communities and building relationships with schools across other portfolios of work. That, combined with our mandate of building and supporting healthy school communities, puts us in a unique position to carry out work within the Active School Travel realm. We work with many partners to resolve barriers to active travel.

Our approach to Active School Travel fuses Comprehensive School Health with School Travel Planning, a model that originated with Green Communities Canada and Ontario Active School Travel.

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Active and Safe Routes to School - Calgary



City Cycling Strategies




YEG Common Ground



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Leduc Charting Common Ground



Looking for more? Contact us for information on any of the above projects or with ideas for a project of your own! And don't forget to check out the resources below that we've developed related to Active School Travel.

City of Calgary's Safe Mobility Education Toolkit

The Mobility Safety Education Toolkit has been created to highlight and encourage traffic safety conversations with school aged children. Ever Active Schools consulted on the Calgary in motion! Activity Book.

Earth Day Action Plan

Get ideas for celebrating Earth Day with this free downloadable action plan.

Bringing City Cycling Strategies to Life: A Guide to Hosting City Cycling Clinics

Included in the guide are lessons learned from hosting these clinics, a comprehensive list of needed supplies, and a detailed plan for skill development stations (which could easily be used for a bike rodeo instead of a full cycling clinic!)

Curricular Connections

Components of Active School Travel address many objectives from Alberta Education's Health & Life Skills, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education and English Language Arts curricula. Specific curricular connections for Health & Life Skills, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies for Grades K-9 are highlighted in this document. General connections are also identified for Physical Education and English Language Arts.

Policy and Practice Recommendations

This document seeks to inform school boards wishing to promote Active School Travel (AST) among their school communities.

These recommendations are meant to be used within each unique school board’s context, anticipating that each location will adapt these recommendations to fit their own needs. Some recommendations may be easier to implement in certain school districts based on the existing foundations in policy, community support and/or committee organization. Other recommendations may be longer term goals to work toward.