Active School Travel

When more students and families choose to travel actively for their school journeys, we see a wide range of benefits.

Students experience increased health outcomes and come to school better prepared to learn; traffic congestion in school zones is reduced and therefore safety is improved; and greenhouse gas emissions are greatly reduced.  

At Ever Active Schools, we have plenty of experience working with school communities and building relationships with schools across other portfolios of work. That, combined with our mandate of building and supporting healthy school communities, puts us in a unique position to carry out work within the Active School Travel realm. We work with many partners to resolve barriers to active travel.

Our approach to Active School Travel fuses Comprehensive School Health with School Travel Planning, a model that originated with Green Communities Canada and Ontario Active School Travel.

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Stepping Toward a Greener Tomorrow

City Cycling Strategies

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Accelerating Change

Increasing Capacity for School Travel Planning

Looking for more? Contact our Active School Travel Coordinator, Tracey Coutts, for information on any of the above projects or with ideas for a project of your own!