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A laminated, corrugated plastic board with an image on it that says "Trail Tales". This is the introductory page to inform passersby of the purpose of the Trail Tales project.


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  • Map and Explore Your 2.4

  • #GetKidsOut

Explore Your 2.4

20190418 Tomahawk Walk KM 0086

Explore Your 2.4 is a movement that aims to revive community walkability through youth engagement. Through an immersive, curriculum-aligned experience, youth are guided to first explore, then observe, and finally, engage with community spaces that are within a 2.4km radius of their home and/or school. 


Most school jurisdictions specify a radius ranging from 1.6 to 2.4km, depending on grade configuration in the school, as the “walk zone.” Yet, in practice, very few people walk here! As education budgets strain, school jurisdictions and families alike will be looking for transportation solutions to expanding walk zones and rising bus fees. Without alternatives, the solution for many will be increased automobility. Explore Your 2.4 is positioned to help counter this trend with increased active mobility. It supports travel mode shift by increasing youth comfort and competence to move independently, while improving familiarity, safety and walkability of community spaces.

To help students and families map their own 2.4s, a Map and Explore Your 2.4 tool was created:  this step by step guide walks explorers through the mapping process using their personal computers and smartphones. Vanessa Colden and her kids at #getkidsout supported the promotion of Explore Your 2.4 by creating fun, engaging soundbytes that were shared via EAS social media platforms: Explore Your 2.4! and Explore ton 2,4.

Moving forward, through funding from Alberta EcoTrust, the City of Edmonton, and the Edmonton Community Foundation, additional Explore Your 2.4 resources and tools will be developed, amassed, and shared to support teachers in four Edmonton area schools as they engage with community spaces as a means to enhance student learning experiences.