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Podclass logo with text that reads "Resources to support inclusion and diversity in school communities".

Have you Heard? The Ever Active Schools Podclass as a Resource to Support Inclusion and Diversity in School Communities

Written by: Katie Mahon, Ever Active Schools Have you heard? Ever Active Schools launched a podcast in late 2020 called The Podclass. Intended as an educational resource, our hosts chat with professionals in health, education, inclusion and diversity, and well-being to explore connections between the three.   The first series, Conversations on School Health, is…
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The 2024 Winter Cycling Congress: What a Ride!

Written by:  Tracey Coutts and Katie Mahon, Ever Active Schools   Has this ever happened to you… You invite people to your favourite place, maybe it’s a pizza parlour, a place known for its delicious pizza but, just as your guests start to pour through the door, the parlour runs out of cheese. Like, completely.…
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Shaping The Future 2024 Banner Image


Different Location, Same Shaping the Future! 15 years of Shaping the Future. 15 years of memories, connection and learning all in the name of creating healthy communities and schools. This year, the annual Shaping the Future conference sponsored by Teach Nutrition and Belair Direct may have been held in a different location, but the atmosphere…
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Scooter rack full of scooters to promote active school travel


Writers:  Trevor Henderson, Black Gold School Division Wellness Lead, with support from Tracey Coutts and Shauna Miller-Shaker   Ever Active School supports many Active School Travel (AST) projects across the province which boast some pretty amazing outcomes, one of which continues to shine in Leduc, Alberta. In 2020/2021, Black Gold School Division Wellness Lead, Trevor…
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winter cycling on a fat tire bike


Winter cycling may seem exotic and strange, but if you’ve ever biked in the warmer weather, or cross-country skied, snowshoed, or even walked outside in the winter, you’re 89.6% prepared to ride your bike in winter! How so, you might ask? Well:  You already own the clothing. You know how to dress in layers so you…
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phys ed wellness lesson plans pdf screenshot


Ahh, lesson planning: an all-important yet thankless task for teachers. You spend hours pouring over activities, making sure they connect to the curriculum and your targeted outcomes, and you hope your whole class will be invested and enjoy them. Wouldn’t it be nice if, once in a while, you could take all the time and…
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Written by Tracey Coutts, Ever Active Schools Watching young cyclists discover the freedom and thrill that comes with learning how to confidently navigate new neighbourhood and community routes is the equivalent of reading about C. S. Lewis’ Lucy moving deeper into the wardrobe, brushing past fur coats that transform to fir tree branches, on her…
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A circle of adults during a basketball coaching clinic with a rolling whiteboard in the centre.


In the 2022/2023 school year, Ever Active Schools and Canadian Tire Jumpstart entered into a multi-year partnership centered around the dream that everybody plays. Through this work, we are providing: 100% opportunity to participate so that everybody plays. Focus on priority populations so that everybody plays. Capacity building through grassroots approaches so that everybody plays.…
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Two people are playing Giants, Wizards, Elves – a game to help teach the Phys Ed and Wellness section of the Alberta K-6 Curriculum. The person on the left is posed like a wizard with fingers pointed like magic wands. The person on the right is crouched down in an elf pose using hands for elf ears.


The new Alberta K-6 curriculum has certainly been a hot topic, and we’ve heard a lot of questions about the Physical Education and Wellness (PEW) section. The biggest question: how do I teach this Alberta K-6 curriculum without losing active time with my class? Never fear: Ever Active Schools is here! We’ve compiled 8 games…
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Written by Nathan White and Melissa Tierney, Ever Active Schools In our Everybody Plays project work, funded by Jumpstart, Ever Active Schools has been working with schools and communities to host leagues of play, which includes tournaments! This handy guide is intended to help you plan and host a tournament. It is important to note…
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Twenty-First Century Spaces for Twenty-First Century Learners

The environments we operate in provide cues, nudges and incentives that influence our actions in subtle yet profound ways. Think of the effects that a bike path has on the likelihood that students will ride their bikes to school if it leads safely to the school grounds: the path makes riding bikes an easy and safe choice for parents to support, knowing their children are not riding in busy traffic. The path also serves as a fun and active way to start the day.

Recognizing the importance of promoting healthy learning environments, Ever Active Schools is proud to have delivered the Twenty-First Century Spaces project. Partnering with organizations to leverage the health promoting work of many, this project aimed to influence the way schools are built in the future.

We have seen changes in pre-service teacher education, teacher professional development, curriculum design, and even the outcomes children will gain from their education. The Twenty-First Century Spaces project helped to ensure we can adapt social and physical environments to keep pace with the ever-changing demands of education.

Research has shown that healthier students are better learners, and we want to play a part in supporting the development of future school builds through a health promoting lens.

As a result of the Twenty-First Century Spaces project, our best-selling resource Don't Walk in the Hallway was developed, along with a supporting electronic resource, Don't Sit Still in Class.

Don't Walk in the Hallway is a set of hallway decals and a resource handbook with guides to:

  • Advocating for Activity Permissive Learning Environments
  • A Comprehensive School Health Approach to Don’t Walk in the Hallway
  • Pattern Starting Points
  • Energizer Ideas
  • Curriculum Links
  • Evaluating the Impact of the Decals
  • How to Access Support: Online Supplement

The point of Don't Walk in the Hallway is simple: get students moving more at school! Schools with Don't Walk in the Hallway decals see an average of 1,000+ more steps per day per student. And let's not forget that adults can join in on the fun, too! Check out the decals in action:

Stemming from the success of Don't Walk in the Hallway, we developed a Supplementary Resource featuring active lesson plans that make use of the decals.

Our Resilient Schools work and collaboration with First Nations School Authorities led to the creation of Indigenous Don't Walk in the Hallway in both Blackfoot and Cree! Versions exist with vocabulary and teachings from Piikani Blackfoot and Fishing Lake Cree Métis.

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