Ahh, lesson planning: an all-important yet thankless task for teachers. You spend hours pouring over activities, making sure they connect to the curriculum and your targeted outcomes, and you hope your whole class will be invested and enjoy them. Wouldn’t it be nice if, once in a while, you could take all the time and energy you put into those lesson plans and do something else with it? What if there were free lesson plans already drafted for you?

Oh wait. There are.

 If you teach K-6 as a generalist or a phys ed specialist in Alberta, Ever Active Schools has FREE Phys Ed and Wellness Lesson Plans that are ready to use! Each lesson consists of a warm up, primary activity and wrap up, and the lessons within each unit build on each other. Each PDF download includes five units of six lesson plans each for a total of 30 lessons. Units include types of gymnastics, dance, individual activities, alternative environments, and games. Some sets include an additional unit with six daily physical activity lesson plans for a total of 36 lessons.

Check out this sample lesson plan below from the first set of K-3 lesson plans, then download the sets on our online store!

Several of the dance lesson plans are also posted on our blog – check them out here!

Games: Scooter Activities – Lesson 1 (K-3 First Set)

Equipment needed:

  • Obstacle-free area
  • One scooter for each student
  • 10-20 pylons
  • 5 bean bags


  • Instruct students to stand in a personal space as they enter the activity area.
  • Students will move throughout the activity area in a variety of ways to warm up their bodies.
  • When the teacher calls “green light”, students move; “red light”, students stop and freeze in place.
  • Call out the name of a locomotor movement (e.g. hopping, skipping, galloping, tip toe walking), followed by “green light”. Consider choosing the first 3-4 locomotor movements and then inviting students to suggest new ways to move.
  • Be sure to move around the activity area to supervise.


  • Provide each student with a scooter and instruct them to sit in a personal space with the scooter upside down on the floor in front of them. Post and review the following safety rules prior to students using the scooter:
  1. Keep clothing, hands and hair away from the wheels
  2. Never stand on the scooter
  3. Always keep scooters under control (do not send them crashing into each other)
  4. Check casters to make sure that they are tight and move freely
  • Read a part of each safety rule out loud, prompting students to fill in the blanks (e.g., “Never ______ on the scooter”).
  • Once familiar with the safety rules, students can begin exploring ways to move on the scooter: they can sit, kneel or lie on the scooter and move in a controlled fashion into open spaces.
  • Challenge students to complete the following activities:
  • Change direction and speed while moving foward and backward into open spaces.
  • Travel on a painted line on the floor.
  • Move between and around pylons placed randomly throughout the activity area.
  • Sit on the scooter, hold feet off the floor, and move using hands only.
  • Sit upright on the scooter in a V-sit for 5-10 seconds.
  • Move using feet only.
  • Lie with stomach on the scooter, move using only feet, and then only hands. Stop, spin around and repeat.
  • Kneel on the scooter and move forward, backwards and around in a circle.
  • Place toes on the scooter and stretch out into a push-up position with hands on the floor. Move all directions.
  • Create other safe ways of traveling on a scooter!


  • Choose 2-5 students to be taggers and give them each a bean bag.
  • On the signal to begin, all students will move throughout the activity area on a scooter.
  • Once tagged, students take the bean bag from the tagger and then take on the role of tagger.
  • Review the variety of locomotor movements explored during the class by having all students travel on the scooters in the same way for the first minute of play, and allowing students to choose how they would like to move for the last minutes of play.

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