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It is our hope that every student in Alberta experience the diversity of Indigenous cultures on National Indigenous Peoples Day! Every year on June 21, schools all across the nation take the opportunity to celebrate Indigenous culture and history.


Written by: Kayli McClelland, Creative Media Specialist, Ever Active Schools THIS YEAR’S RESILIENCY SUMMIT HAS LEFT OUR WHOLE TEAM PUMPED FOR NEXT YEAR ALREADY! Although we had some big changes this time around, we still had a successful two days of learning, sharing and celebrating. More than 30 school teams from across Alberta representing Treaties…


Written by: Megan Jones, School Health Facilitator, Ever Active Schools I recently had the opportunity to spend five months at Kitaskinaw School, in Enoch, and felt lucky to have so much time to connect with the staff and students. A grant with Sport for Life initially brought me to the school and it gave me…
Indigenous people make a presentation to a crowd in a school library


Written by Sissy Thiessen, Resiliency Coordinator, Ever Active Schools Every year on June 21, schools all across the nation take the opportunity to celebrate Indigenous culture, history and contributions for National Indigenous Peoples Day. A way that many schools commemorate this special day is by hosting school-wide activities and celebrations. Many Alberta school jurisdictions have…


Written by Margaux McWatt, Communications Coordinator, Ever Active Schools You can faintly smell traces of burnt sage in the air, and the crisp and fresh aroma of the outdoors during winter, emanating from those just entering the building. Laughter and boots packing down snow can be heard close, and echoing outdoors. Smiling faces greet you…

Culture as a Source of Wellness

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Culture as a Source of Wellness is a program that aims to connect cultural supports to First Nation populations in school communities. These initiatives impact the school staff, the student body and the spirit of the school.

Culture is widely seen as vital to the identity of First Nations people. Culture may look like community events that involve crafting, dance or music. Often we will work to connect students with local Elders through partnerships with local First Nations and friendship centers. Addressing culture for our First Nation students is crucial to their success as it is said that once the culture of a community is healthy then the members of that community can grow and reach their full potential.

Our Resilient Schools team holds a wealth of knowledge and community connections to support cultural activities and utilize traditional wisdom keepers. Our staff recognizes the challenges that our First Nation students may experience, and we aim to support youth by creating supportive environments that respect culture and traditional practices. We work to have Elders and knowledge keepers present at our events to open the day in a good way, provide opportunities for all those who wish to smudge, and encourage students to practice their traditional language.

Culture as a Source of Wellness works with the school communities to address the cultural supports requested by students. This is achieved through relationship building and collaborative efforts with the respective school community. It can sometimes be challenging to find Elders or traditional wisdom keepers that are willing to share the knowledge and wisdom to staff and students. We are always learning about protocol, traditional games and storytelling. We understand that our learning is ongoing and appreciate when schools are open to helping us to have a positive impact on their school community.

"We had such a great day out on the hill, participating in outdoor traditional games. The kids had a great time and I think we learned a lot of valuable stuff about how to play traditional games, why they were played, and how to facilitate them ourselves back in our own school. Our Culture teacher now plans to take the kids out after spring break to collect material from nature and make our own versions of the games. I think the students will really enjoy that. Thank you for everything you've brought to our school, it is really making a difference in the students attitudes, outlook, and leadership skills."

- Teacher, after Treaty 7 Winter Traditional Games

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