21st Century Competency Connections

Streamlined Competencies Through the Lens of a HASS Event


This poster is designed to support awareness and understanding of the competencies identified in the Ministerial Order on Student Learning and how these competencies come to life through the lens of the HASS event.

Streamlined Competencies through Student Voice & Wellness

Competencies are combinations of knowledge, skills, and attitudes that students develop and apply for successful learning, living, and working.

These competencies cards were created using student voice- the language that resonated to the students for each competency. The picture on each card was also created by students. The pictures depict what the card represents. On the back of the cards, we used the Comprehensive School Health framework, the Wellness Framework, and Dr. Patrick's Carneys book Well Aware to connect the competencies to wellness and the whole child perspective. These cards are created for teachers to use when planning units and lessons for their students. The competencies should be embedded into our current curriculum in all subject areas. These cards were created in partnership with ERLC.

"These cards are fantastic. Straight and to the point. So nice to see that the students voice is heard." EPSB Teacher at Career Pathways Professional Learning Opportunity

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