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Keynote Speakers

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David Irvine

David Irvine is sought after internationally as a speaker, author, and trusted leadership advisor. As one of Canada’s most respected voices on leadership, organizational culture, and personal development, David has dedicated his life to creating workplaces, communities, and families that foster accountability, authenticity, and caring.

Keynote Address: It’s About PRESENCE, Not Position

Leaders are defined by their impact - the difference they make to the people they serve. The leadership required to inspire and shape the future of healthy students and healthy schools comes not from our position but from our presence. Gain a renewed perspective on authentic leadership and be inspired by a new view of who you are as a leader in today’s changing, demanding world of education.

Corey Gray

Corey Gray

Corey is a member of the Siksika (Blackfoot) Nation of Alberta and a part of the team whose founders were awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2017. He is the lead operator at the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) and part of the group of researchers that confirmed the existence of gravitational waves, marking a major discovery for the fields of physics and astronomy.

Keynote Address: Einstein, Gravitational Waves, & The Importance of Education

Get the inside scoop on the biggest scientific discovery of the last century: the first direct detection of Einstein’s gravitational waves! Corey will discuss his journey to becoming a physicist and the importance of education, role models and diversity.

Students from

Lacombe Composite High School

Students Darcy Cunningham, Holden Fafard, Breanne Campbell and Jade Benoit, along with their teacher, Steve Schultz, are part of the EcoVision environmental club at Lacombe Composite High School. Through their many projects, this club has been awarded the 2014 Emerald Award, the 2016 Ron Kruhlack Award and Canada’s Greenest School in 2018.

Keynote Address: EcoVision: A Story of Students’ Environmental Dreams Becoming a Reality

EcoVision is an environmental club where students become empowered to be ecological leaders through projects that benefit their environment, enhance their education and encourage community collaboration. The EcoVision students have organized projects over the past 15 years that have seen solar panels installed on the school roof, a geodesic energy efficient tropical greenhouse built, a two acre garden developed and an unique urban beekeeping program incorporated into the curriculum. Whether it’s feeding compost worms, raising tilapia fish, harvesting honey or building a goat sanctuary - come and discover how EcoVision’s projects have left an impact on students, their school and the community.

Susan Winton

Dr. Sue Winton

Dr. Sue Winton is an associate professor in the Faculty of Education at York University in Toronto, Ont. She is also a co-director of the World Educational Research Association’s International Research Network on Families, Educators, and Communities as Educational Advocates. Dr. Winton’s research examines policy influences and practices and their implications for critical democracy.

Keynote Address: School Fundraising: The Hidden Costs

Fundraised dollars are used to pay for everything from playgrounds and sports equipment to library books and snack programs. Fundraising is often heralded for increasing parent engagement and providing much-needed resources. Dr. Winton will highlight some of school fundraising’s hidden costs to equity, inclusion, and ultimately, healthy schools.

Pre-Conference Sessions

Play it Fair! (Wednesday/Thursday)

Dates & Times: Wednesday January 30, 2019 1-4pm, Thursday January 31, 2019 9am-12pm

Presented by: Equitas & Ever Active Schools

Ever Active Schools is excited to co-facilitate a pre-conference workshop centered around children’s human rights education, with an incredible partner organization, Equitas. Equitas is an international charity based out of Montreal and working across Canada in human rights education. Equitas has created a model for providing human rights education to children through games and play called Play It Fair!. This model increases children’s social and emotional development as well as their connectedness and wellbeing. The Play it Fair! approach helps children to learn about their rights, and it builds participation of children aged 6-12 to be able to address issues such as bullying and discrimination as they learn about inclusion, respect, fairness, acceptance and cooperation.

This workshop will offer the full Play It Fair! training over two half days. It is aimed at teachers, administrators, programmers, community leaders and frontline staff who have an impact on programming and implementation. Each participant will receive the Play It Fair toolkit as well as follow up support to implement this work, approximately three touch points from the Ever Active Schools + Equitas team over the course of the year. Registering participants are strongly encouraged to commit to exploring implementation of the Play It Fair! toolkit in their respective spaces in order that we might begin to understand the impacts of implementing human rights education in Alberta.

Wellness as the "Staying Power" of Resilient Educators

Date: Wednesday January 30, 2019

Time: 1-4pm

Presented by: Joyful Endeavours & Ever Active Schools

Staying power is the mindset, energy and action that support educators ability to positively navigate the demanding landscape of education. In this interactive session, participants will explore wellness by reflecting on the past, developing strategies for the present and looking ahead at shaping their future.


Move & Play Through Physical Literacy

Date: Wednesday January 30, 2019

Time: 1-4pm

Presented by: Be Fit For Life

This workshop is a practical professional development opportunity for teachers and leaders who are looking to integrate the concepts of physical literacy into their child and youth physical activity opportunities.  Participants of this workshop will receive a certificate of completion.

Target Audience: Teachers and Leaders who provide physical activity opportunities for 3 - 12 year olds


Workshop Outcomes:

  • Learn about the concept of physical literacy and the leader's role in creating environments that support positive physical activity experiences.
  • Discover strategies to support implementing physical literacy strategies into existing/new programming
  • Use the Move & Play Cards and other resources as a starting point to support children and youth programming
  • Through active participation, experience take away examples that can be integrated into your own environment.
  • Network and learn from other like minded professionals and explore the community supporting physical literacy development in Alberta.  Many Alberta facilities and organizations that offer physical activity programming for children and youth recognize this workshop as an asset in employment.

Ski, Skate and Slide: Many Pathways to Physical Literacy in Skiing and Snowboarding

Date: Wednesday January 30, 2019

Time: 1-4pm

Presented by: Ever Active Schools

Note: This session will take place at Lake Louise Ski Resort

Join us for an on-snow, skiing or snowboarding pre-conference workshop at the Lake Louise Ski Resort on January 30th at the 10th Anniversary of Ever Active Schools’ Shaping the Future Conference. Ski, Skate and Slide is a new resource from Ever Active Schools that has been developed with national winter sport partners to build teacher confidence in increasing winter activities in their Physical Education and Daily Physical Activity programs. For this year’s session, partners from Skiing and Snowboarding will collaborate to deliver a fun and experiential session that intermediate to advanced skiers and snowboarders can all enjoy (note: this is not a learn to ski or snowboard session - you should be able to comfortably navigate all blue and some black terrain on the mountain to enjoy this session).

Skiing and Snowboarding offer many pathways for participation. Snowsports are for everyone and this workshop will bring that to life. You will have your choice of skiing or riding with instructor trainers from the CSIA and CASI, or venturing out with athletes and coaches from the competitive avenues of the sport - including two-time Paralympian John Leslie. By jumping into the context of learning to train as an instructor or an athlete, you will see how common principles of developing physical literacy and inclusive learning environments that are essential for success in school programs are also embedded in these individual pursuits. The session will include a sample training/practice environment from the Ski, Skate and Slide resource, where we will connect and share different approaches in a common setting.

Please note: Lake Louise Ski Resort will offer a discounted lift ticket to all session participants (not included in the workshop fee). Tickets can be collected at the Snow School desk anytime on January 30th. Rentals can be purchased at both the resort and the hotel. Helmets are required for all participants.


Wisdom is in the Room: an Ongoing Conversation Among School Community Wellness Leaders About Practices that Support Comprehensive School Health

Date: Thursday January 31, 2019

Time: 9am-12pm

Presented by: Alberta Healthy School Community Wellness Fund and Alberta Health Services

Join our enthusiastic hosts from the Alberta Healthy School Community Wellness Fund and Alberta Health Services to exchange ideas with like-minded leaders invested in building and strengthening cultures of wellness for school communities.  

This pre-conference session will inspire and support you with strategies to help intentionally embed wellness into your school jurisdiction.  Come prepared to discuss what makes you proud of your school jurisdiction, your challenges, successes, and lessons learned. This invaluable opportunity to network, collaborate, share and learn will leave you with new contacts, strategies and resources to keep you moving forward with a Comprehensive School Health approach.

The session will begin with a short presentation by the Wellness Fund, featuring provincial data related to Wellness Funded Projects, and district level wellness priorities. Participants will then have opportunities to network, share and collaborate with a variety of school wellness leaders from across Alberta through a series of facilitated conversations.  We will conclude the session by exploring emerging trends in school health and additional supports available to help move this work forward at a district, regional, and provincial level. Whether you are just getting started with school wellness or are an experienced health promotion veteran, this session will add value to your work as a wellness leader in your school community.

Games and Activities to Optimize Self-Regulation

Date: Thursday January 31, 2019

Time: 9am-12pm

Presented by: Ever Active Schools

When children and youth have the opportunity to develop the skills needed for self-regulation they are better suited to make healthy choices that affect them and their classmates or fellow program participants. Join Ever Active Schools at the Live Active Summit as we explore how classrooms and community programs are the optimal settings to promote these skills through fun, creative and original activities.

Re-imagining School Sports: Critical Conversations with Key Stakeholders

Date: Thursday January 31, 2019

Time: 9am-12pm

Presented by: Dr. Doug Gleddie, Jonathan Mauro, Dr. Lauren Sulz

Participation in youth (school) sport has been associated with enhanced self esteem and self-confidence, increased positive social, emotional and cognitive well being, increased life skills and educational benefits (Bailey, 2006; Holt et al., 2016; Holt et al., 2017). Recognizing potential benefits, sport programs are encouraged to implement strategies to increase and maintain sport participation. This workshop will examine barriers and share current research strategies to enhance participation in school and community sport. We will encourage delegates to think about engagement, participation levels, the purpose of  school sport and what key elements make up a quality school sport program. Through focused and facilitated discussions, delegates are invited to contribute ideas based from their experiences to the development of a school sport framework.

Workshops - Friday February 1, 2019

Morning (9 - 11am)

Developing Social and Emotional Learning Through Physical Activity in the Classroom

Presented by: Ever Active Schools

The development of social and emotional skills is foundational to students’ success in school, work and life. Join us as we explore the five competencies of social emotional learning and how these skills help to support students in both their academics and relationships. This session will provide practical classroom activities that don’t require a ton of space and you’ll be one of the first to try Ever Active’s brand new resource: the Social and Emotional Shuffle.

Nature, Movement, Connection: A Vision For Wellness
Workplace Wellness Superheros Take Flight
Tipi Teachings: An Invitation to Balanced Living and Wholeness
Promoting the Success of Immigrant Students

Afternoon (1:30 - 3:30 pm)

Health as the Foundation for a New Junior High School: Using Research to Inform Practice and Practice to Inform Research

Presented by: Michael Phair Jr. High School, Kim Hordal, Dr. Lauren Sulz & Dr. Doug Gleddie

Michael Phair Junior High (MPJH) is nearing the completion of its second year of operation. Health has been foundational from before the school even opened. From the design of the school, to recruitment of staff, to yearly themes and foci – health is at the forefront. The process of integrating health within all workings of MPJH has been guided by a collaborative relationship between school administrators and researchers at the University of Alberta. Our goal for this workshop is to discuss the reciprocal relationship between research and practice to enhance teachers’ capacity to access and use research-informed strategies to create healthy school communities. We will share our journey with you in three ways. Story fragments gathered from a collaborative inquiry with administrators will be explored and inquired into. Statistics from school wide surveys will shed light on challenges and breakthroughs. Throughout the workshop, opportunities will be provided for you to reflect on the MPJH journey and the strategies used to create a healthy school from the ‘ground up’ to further engage health in your own context.

Ability in Motion: A Different Way of Embracing Differences
Participatory Approaches to Building Leadership in Children and Youth
Nutrition Activities in any Classroom
Active Bodies, Thriving Brains: How Movement Fuels Mental Health
The Great Outdoors and Emotional Wellbeing
Ski, Skate and Slide: Developing Cross Country Skiing Skills Through Creative Environments
Chateau Lake Louise in Canadian Rocky mountains in winter

Winter Activity Guide

Check out the 2018/19 Fairmont Winter Activity Guide for things to do in your conference downtime!

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