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Personal Information Protection Act Forms (PIPA Form) for attendees under the age of 18

It is important that you bring a completed PIPA Form for each participant from your school that is attending (even if your school has completed FOIP forms for each staff and student). We will be taking photos to share on our website or in promotions – this form will ensure that we have your permission to do so. You can download copies of the PIPA form here. If students of your school arrive without a completed PIPA form, we will simply place a red dot on their name tag. If we come across pictures with red dots, we’ll be sure to omit these from any public use.

Activities Waiver

Please bring the completed activities waiver for each participant that is attending (even if this student has completed a separate participation waiver). This is so students can participate in the unique activities that Winsport has available, including skating, luge, track and field, etc. You can download copies of the activities waiver here. If students arrive without a completed waiver, they will not be able to participate in certain activities related to the Resiliency Summit.

Dress For Winter Weather

Workshops will be a combination of indoor and outdoor, and November weather is unpredictable! Please ensure that all your students and staff have warm coats, boots, gloves and toques.

Adult Supervision

At least one adult from your school team must accompany your students for the entirety of the day.


If you are coming from away please note that the accommodation is across a divided highway from the conference venue. Plan busing and transportation accordingly.

Dietary Needs

Some meals and snacks will be provided throughout the summit. Please email hayley@everactive.org with any dietary allergies that we should be aware of.

Poster Sharing

Before coming to the Summit, we are encouraging school teams to prepare a "poster" to highlight the many activities happening in your school to support health, wellness and resilience. Get creative, feel free to use any tools or mediums your have access to, and think beyond a traditional poster. There will be dedicated time at the event for school teams to share their stories and learn from one another.

Open Mic Night

Wednesday evening Dwight Farahat will be hosting our Open Mic Night. Sign-up will happen on site and students are encouraged to bring any equipment they need to perform. A microphone and sound system will be provided.

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