Montreal Lake Wellness Hub

Pexels Tirachard Kumtanom 347135

Montreal Lake Cree Nation in Saskatchewan had a goal of improving the health of the youth in their community. They reached out to Ever Active Schools to make it a reality. Consultation sparked the idea for a Wellness Hub: two staff members would be hired to support health and physical education classes, offer professional development, plan, execute and support various initiatives, as well as offer credit-earning opportunities for students after-school.

This idea came to life at the start of the 2021/2022 school year with two Health and Wellness Consultants placed, as well as two full-time staff from Spirit North working in the community as part of the Wellness Hub team. While the pandemic halted programming shortly after school began, this team is taking full advantage of the time to plan and coordinate efforts to reach as many people as possible.

COVID is a challenge that everyone is facing, but it is especially felt in many Indigenous communities. Currently, Ever Active Schools is working to provide the Wellness Hub with equipment packages to help keep students active while the school is shut down. Through the summer months, they will continue to provide programming through various camps and activities.

While Ever Active Schools is primarily based in Alberta, we were excited to branch out and take full advantage of our status as a national charity. Our Resilient Schools team has years of experience working with Indigenous schools across the country and are able to provide a wealth of support and ideas for the Wellness Hub team.