Medicine Hat: Be Fit For Life

Be Fit For Life 01

The Be Fit for Life (BFFL) centre of Medicine Hat has a 40 year history of supporting lifelong physical literacy for the communities of Southeast Alberta. Now, this team is operating as part of Ever Active Communities with the same great services to the region and an enhanced capacity to bring provincial projects to life locally. 

Important programs like Mindful Movement, Girls on the Move, Busy Boys, Intergenerational Play, Adaptive Yoga and Seniors Fun & Fitness are continuing under Ever Active Communities. This partnership brings expanded support to the schools of Southeast Alberta through staff and student well-being initiatives, committees like Moving and Choosing, and new community services such as active transportation initiatives. 

Be Fit for Life Medicine Hat focuses on reaching members of the community of low socio-economic status through free youth programs, women and girls programming, and inclusive programming for all abilities.

Currently, the BFFL Medicine Hat team is leading or involved in such programs and initiatives as:

  • Girls on the Move
  • Busy Boys
  • Older Adult Fitness Classes
  • Mindful Movement Course
  • Intergenerational Play
  • Active School Travel
  • Staff Wellness
  • Educator/Staff Wellness Challenge
  • Yoga
  • Move & Play
  • High Five

In 2019/2020, BFFL Medicine Hat conducted 1,509 active sessions, creating 24,174 participant experiences. Our reach expanded to 15,721 participants – of that, 12,459 were children and youth. We were in 54 communities and built or maintained 144 partnerships.