Mental Well-Being

Universal Supports to Promote Mental Well-Being in Schools

The World Health Organization states there is "no health without mental health," an area thats importance is becoming more well known to the well-being and success of our students. Join Ever Active Schools in exploring how universal supports for all students, integrating social-emotional learning and connectedness into classrooms, and why being well yourself can help translate into well-being for your students.

Creating a Community of (Staff) Wellness

Wellness is an integral part of a school community as healthy students are better learners. Your wellness as an educator is central to maintaining the wellness of the classroom and the school as a whole. Join us for this engaging session on understanding the dynamic dimensions of wellness, areas of growth within your personal and workplace wellness, and actionable steps to create a community of wellness within your school. Participants will walk away with the knowledge to serve them both personally and professionally as they work towards improving their overall wellness.



90 Minutes - $175 +GST

2 Hours - $225 +GST

1/2 Day - $275 +GST

Positive Mental Health - A Whole School Approach
Enhancing School Connectedness
Social Emotional Learning (SEL) – Finding Connections in the Classroom

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