Sub Coverage and Travel Claim Support

For each school team registered for HASS, your school is eligible to submit an invoice to Ever Active Schools for sub coverage, as well as claim travel support.

How do I claim sub coverage and travel expenses?

Sub Coverage

By registering a team to attend HASS, your school is eligible to invoice Ever Active Schools for the cost of one substitute teacher. Many schools and school jurisdictions have different processes for this. Please check with your school administration or central offices to confirm the process.

The invoice should indicate:

  • The HASS event attended

  • Date attended

  • Name of the teacher for whom the substitute was used

  • Who the invoice is payable to

Invoice must be received within 3 months of the HASS date to be paid.

Travel Support

Support can be claimed for the following distances:

Round Trip TravelReimbursement
50-74 km$25.00
75-99 km$35.00
100-149 km$75.00
150 km +$100.00

Download travel support forms here.

Please complete the form and return it to Ever Active Schools. The maximum amount covered is 150+ km round trip.

Claim forms must be received within 3 months of the HASS date to be paid.

Invoices and Travel Claim forms can be sent to:


Rhonda at


Ever Active Schools

c/o: Rhonda Schilberg

2nd Floor, Percy Page Centre

11759 Groat Road

Edmonton, AB  T5M 3K6

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