Professional Learning

Ever Active Schools provides high-quality professional learning opportunities for school communities in areas that support Comprehensive School Health and the diverse needs of school communities.

These unique learning opportunities can be accessed for keynote presentations, conferences, conventions, professional development days, staff or school council meetings and can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

We offer the following avenues for professional learning:

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Professional Learning By Request

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Keynote & Plenary Addresses

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Online Learning

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Teachers' Conventions

Professional Learning By Request

Professional learning continues to be a valuable investment in school communities. During the COVID-19 pandemic, and until provincial guidelines allow for face-to-face professional learning, Ever Active Schools will offer online professional learning opportunities using the Zoom platform. Participants continue to rate their experience in these workshops very high, and they always leave with practice ideas and tools for all types of classrooms.

We offer various opportunities falling under the following categories:

  • Physical Activity
  • Well-being
  • Play At School
  • Equity and Inclusion

Pricing for by-request ‘online’ Professional Learning is temporarily priced at $120+GST for a 60-minute session.

Ever Active Schools will return to a full offering of professional learning when it is safe and recommended to do so. Until this time, please feel free to reach out so we can help design the best learning to support you and your school community.

Physical Activity


An introduction to fundamental movement skills and physical literacy. Just like learning to read and write, students need to learn how to move. Physical literacy engages and supports all students in activity by developing their confidence and motivation as movers while increasing competence in fundamental movement skills. Learn how you can help foster physical literacy in all areas of your school community, and take the first steps towards creating a movement-positive culture.


For many years, the scientific and educational communities believed movement and thinking had no relationship to one another. In recent years, it’s become common to read studies that show emphasis on physical activity in the school curriculum more broadly, not just in physical education class, can support students in achieving both health and learning outcomes. Now with ample evidence to verify learning and movement are connected, we have an opportunity to change what we do and how we do it. Explore why activity permissive learning environments are a necessary consideration in school communities, and learn what you can do to promote movement within your school.

Physical activity offers many benefits above and beyond physical health. This workshop will demonstrate the link between moving and learning, and offer practical tips on how to incorporate physical activity into any subject area. Join us in learning how to re-energize your students, break up sedentary time, and increase physical activity across the school community.

You can’t develop skills when you’re sitting out! This session offers alternatives to elimination games for teachers who are involved in daily physical activity (DPA), physical education and even recess supervision. Learn how to tweak your classic games and experience some new activities that give ALL students a chance to develop physical literacy.


Teacher and Staff Well-being

Wellness is an integral part of a school community, as healthy students are better learners. Your wellness as an educator is central to maintaining the wellness of the classroom and the school as a whole. Join us for this engaging session on understanding the dynamic dimensions of wellness, areas of growth within your personal and workplace wellness, and actionable steps to create a community of wellness within your school. Participants will walk away with the knowledge to serve them both personally and professionally as they work towards improving their overall wellness.

Positive Mental Health - A Whole School Approach

Positive mental health in schools is correlated with enhanced developmental outcomes in children and youth in areas such as academic achievement, positive connections, pro-social attitudes and behaviours and healthy lifestyle choices. During this session we’ll review the sometimes complex language around mental health and illness, consider your role as a teacher in supporting positive mental health and explore how you can support your students in a whole school approach.

Social and Emotional Learning

The development of social and emotional skills is foundational to student success in school, work and life. This learning opportunity explores the five competencies of social and emotional learning and how these skills help to support students with academic outcomes and positive relationships. The session offers practical classroom activities, including games and movement experiences, to specifically address the teaching and learning of the competencies.

Games and Activities to Optimize Self-Regulation

A strong relationship exists between the development of executive functioning skills and self-regulation. The Centre on the Developing Child at Harvard University identify executive functioning and self-regulation as “critical supports for learning and development.” Though we are not born with these abilities, “we are born with the potential to develop them through interactions and practice.” When children and youth have the opportunity to develop the skills needed for self-regulation, they are better suited to make healthy choices that affect them and their classmates. This workshop explores how classrooms and community programs are the optimal settings to promote these skills through fun, creative and original activities.

Play at School

Loose Parts Play

During this session, Ever Active Schools will introduce you to a step-by-step process that you can use to create a unique Loose Parts Play kit. Perhaps you are starting small and want to create a box of materials you can take out each day for your students to play with, or maybe you want to enrich a larger play space with loose parts. It doesn’t matter how big or small your budget or plans are, you’ll find the tips and guidelines to make it happen.

In this session we’ll:

  1. Explore the multiple benefits of loose parts play for children’s well-being and development through a comprehensive school health lens
  2. Consider the practicalities of implementing loose parts play in your setting
  3. Understand the risk-benefit analysis for play
  4. Answer common questions and provide information and resources to help you gain support for your loose parts play project

Equity and Inclusion

Inclusive Practices for Any Classroom

School communities are celebrating the diversity of students in their spaces and acknowledging the responsibility to be inclusive. This active and interactive session will explore respectful language as a key tenet of building an inclusive school community; games and activities to foster student empathy and students feeling, thinking, and acting on inclusion; and practical strategies for modifying learning climates to accommodate diversity in wellness education and physical activity. Participants will receive new Ever Active Schools resources designed to support inclusion.


The education sector, and many parallel sectors, recognize the importance of establishing a culture of well-being and the overall impact it can have on organizational success. Ever Active Schools has a dynamic team with years of health promotion experiences willing to work with you to tailor a keynote or plenary address that will set the stage of this importance at your next conference or organizational event.

We are known for providing  interactive, inspiring and evidence-based messages that all audiences benefit and learn from.

For pricing, ideas and to discover more, send an email to

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The EAS In The Round Chat Series is a virtual space to connect across sectors and jurisdictions to share resources and ideas to promote HPE and overall well-being! We invite you to join us, feature speakers and others from around the province on Zoom every second Thursday.

In The Round is a term borrowed from the Arts, where presenters are encircled by the audience and the audience is necessary in becoming key contributors towards the meaning and outcome of the performance. The format connotes a more informal, intimate gathering and exchange in which everyone participates!

In The Round dates, topics and registration links are listed below.


There are no currently scheduled online learning sessions.

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Teachers' Conventions

Ever Active Schools visits all Alberta Teachers' Association conventions as well as a few other events. Look for our School Health and Wellness Symposium and Health and Phys Ed Institute events at a convention near you this year!

Thanks for joining us!

Together with our partners from across the province, we delivered sessions on wellness education at 9 different teachers' conventions in the 2019/20 school year. Check out the executive summary to learn more, and keep an eye on this page as we update it for the 2020/21 school year!