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January 27-29, 2022

Shaping the Future is an annual conference that brings together educators, health and wellness professionals and researchers to explore aspects of Comprehensive School health through a variety of interactive learning formats.

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Page last updated May 12, 2021

Shaping the Future 2021: A Recap

In a normal year, we would be hosting Shaping the Future in a beautiful mountain location (we miss you Lake Louise!) We know how many people look forward to this conference every year, us included, so we knew it had to happen one way or another. Cue the virtual event!

"Wisdom is in the Zoom" virtual session set up like a talk show featuring presenter Bitmojis

“Wisdom is in the Zoom” session at Shaping the Future 2021 from Alberta Health Services Health Promotion Facilitators

A big hit with this year’s conference was the availability of 50+ pre-recorded sessions. These were made available for registered participants to watch on-demand – knowing how appreciated this was, we might have to look at some options for when we’re back in person! Many remarked on how many more connections they were able to make through the conference app – with the barriers of live social interactions removed, such as timing and physical presence, many more were able to jump into conversations even hours after they had begun.

Our delegates were dazzled by our live workshops – how could you not be with sessions featuring therapeutic arts, student activism, teacher well-being, and risky learning. And let’s not forget our incredible keynote speaker! Shelley Moore of Five Moore Minutes debunked the myth that inclusion is more work, enlightening delegates on how it is simply different work. Shelley, and all of our presenters, provided excellent strategies for delegates to put into practice first thing Monday morning. What good is professional learning if you can’t apply what you’ve learned?

All in all, despite the obvious variance of this year’s events from those past, we are incredibly proud of how our year started! Thank you to all of our delegates, presenters, sponsors and friends for making these events not only possible, but successful.

As per one delegate’s observation, “Shaping the Future is the best conference, and next year will be the biggest party!”

Stay tuned for our upcoming events, and check out our newest professional development opportunities, designed for human connection in a virtual world.


January 29, 2021 |

This year has started out strong here at Ever Active Schools!  Every year, we host events specific to helping school communities increase their capacity for wellness. Some events are specific to youth, as students as change agents is an essential condition for comprehensive school health; while others take a broader approach, looping in teachers, administrators,…

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