Ever Active Schools leads and supports many different events. We host a number of Healthy Active School Symposia (HASS) events supporting the development of student leadership skills.

We also host our annual Shaping the Future conference at the end of every January that brings together representatives from all across the province working in health, education, active living, community and recreation. Delegates are empowered and enlightened to learn new ways to implement comprehensive school health in their school communities. 

Healthy Active Schools Symposia

Ever Active Schools is currently hosting the Healthy Active Schools Symposium (HASS) events to motivate school teams, provide up to date information, examine opportunities for sharing and networking and further support healthy active school communities.

Shaping the Future

The annual Shaping the Future Conference draws delegates from the education, active living, recreation, health and research sectors to discuss and learn about comprehensive school health.


Resiliency Summit: Resilience as a Path to Healthy School Communities

A day for numerous First Nations School Communities to connect and learn about strategies to support and promote resiliency.

Live Active Summit

The Live Active Summit will be a platform to highlight the wellbeing benefits of living active in cities, schools, and communities.

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