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Have you been searching for the perfect podcast episodes to listen to? Are you looking to find some new, innovative ways to make your classroom a healthier place? Look no further! Podclass producer and EAS media specialist Rebecca has compiled a list of her top five Podclass episodes, each one handpicked to bring you the most compelling and inspiring stories out there. With these five episodes, you’ll be sure to find something that will catch your attention and keep you engaged for hours. So grab your earbuds, sit back, and get ready to listen to some of our favourite podcast episodes so far!

Introduction to Podcasts

Podcasts are an audio-based medium where people can listen to conversations, interviews and stories. Podcasts can be found on many platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Podcasts. They are often free to listen to and can be downloaded for later listening.

Podcasts have become very popular in recent years due to the convenience of being able to listen to them on the go. They can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of age or interests.

Podcasts have a range of benefits for teachers and students alike. They can provide an engaging way to learn about different topics, such as physical activity, nutrition and social-emotional learning. They can also be used as a way to hear different perspectives and open up conversations about important topics.


Top 5 Podcast Episodes from Ever Active Schools

Ever Active Schools’ The Podclass is a podcast that provides teachers and educators with ideas for a happy, healthy classroom. Here are the top 5 podcast episodes from The Podclass:

Episode #23: “Reimagining School Sport with Dr. Doug Gleddie, Dr. Lauren Sulz, and Jonathan Mauro”

In this episode, host Jamie Anderson is joined by Dr. Doug Gleddie, Dr. Lauren Sulz and Jonathan Mauro to discuss how school sports can be re-thought to include everyone who wants to compete. They look at the ways school sports are part of a healthy school community and what benefits they provide to students who participate. Jonathan shares first-hand experiences in remodeling his school’s sports program and the impact it has had on both students and parents. This episode seeks to answer the question, “If school is for everyone, should school sports be for everyone?”

This episode is great for teachers who are looking for ways to make school athletics more enjoyable and inclusive for all students.


Episode #4: “Positive Nutrition Messaging in School”

The fourth episode of The Podclass, “Positive Nutrition Messaging in School,” looks into the ways that nutrition can be taught in the classroom. In this episode, host Elizabeth talks with dietitians Katherine Zavodni and Anna Lutz, who have expertise in treating eating disorders, about striking the right balance when teaching about healthy eating and nutrition in schools. They provide suggestions for a developmentally appropriate and protective approach so that students can have a positive relationship with food and their bodies.

This episode is great for teachers of all grades who are looking for evidence-based ways to teach nutrition while also promoting health.


Episode #28: “Energize Your Classroom”

Another extremely practical episode of The Podclass is episode #28, “Energize Your Classroom”. In this episode, Andrea Dion, Chesa Peter and Scott Bailey from Ever Active Schools join Elizabeth to discuss ways to bring physical activity into any classroom, regardless of the subject. They look at the importance and benefits of daily physical activity, how to tie activity to cross-curricular outcomes, and provide different games and examples that teachers can start using the next time they’re in the classroom.

This episode is great for teachers who are looking for ways to include movement into their classroom and make physical activity more enjoyable for students.


Episode #13: “Alternative Programs and Leadership Opportunities to Improve Student Well-being”

If you want to learn more about unique programs that fit students’ needs, episode #13, “Alternative Programs and Leadership Opportunities to Improve Student Well-being” is for you. In this episode, hosts Elizabeth and Jamie get together to discuss their unique experiences of teaching in alternative school programs. They share stories about student leadership initiatives, including how a student-led volunteer project, Joy4All, garnered international media attention. If you’re curious about how schools can be a site for skill development, social belonging, and positive mental well-being you should definitely give this episode a listen.


Episode #30: “Teaching Sexual Health with Confidence”

Are you faced with the task of teaching a sexual health health class in your school? The Podclass has you covered with episode #13, “Teaching Sexual Health with Confidence”. In this episode, Jamie is joined by Jocelyn Graham and Kaitlyn Hill, health promotion facilitators with Alberta Health Services, to dive into sexual health education. 

Listen to this episode to learn excellent strategies that teachers can use to provide evidence-based, inclusive sexual health education to students of all ages. It is an episode full of readily-available and easily accessible resources, and the show notes provide links and references for everything mentioned in the episode. You won’t want to miss this one!


Podcasts can provide teachers and educators with an engaging way to build on their knowledge about physical activity, nutrition, sexual health and more. Ever Active Schools’ The Podclass is a great resource for teachers who are looking for effective strategies for promoting well-being in their classrooms.


Listen to the Ever Active Schools podcast, The Podclass, and make your classroom a healthier place! Available wherever you listen to podcasts.


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