Written by Mason Ulvestad, Ever Active Schools

Shaping the Future is here!

It’s that time of year again when we pack up our gear and head to the mountains for the three days of busyness that we call Shaping the Future. It’s fun, it’s eventful, and most of all, it’s an amazing experience. To make the most of Shaping the Future 2023 there are a few things you need to know:

1. Wear comfortable shoes

This may be a no-brainer, but it’s easily the most important tip – the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise is a big property with a lot of stairs! (There are also elevators.) Even if you don’t opt for the really active sessions, you will be on your feet and moving around a lot, so until we get sponsored orthotics for every delegate, you’ll need to make sure you pack your most comfortable footwear. Don’t forget warm and waterproof boots for your time outside!

2. Download the Whova App beforehand

Whova is the app we use for our conference agenda and any updates during the conference. It is the ultimate guide for planning ahead, seeing where you’re going and connecting with fellow delegates! Believe me, you don’t want to not have this app on your phone during Shaping the Future.

3. Seriously… download the Whova App

So important it needed to be said twice! There are even points you can earn to climb up the leaderboard if you’re as competitive as we are.

4. Pack warm clothes

The inner parent in me is coming out with this one, but warm clothes are a must! We live in Alberta so you never really know what to expect, no matter what the weather report shows. Don’t deprive yourself of some of the amazing views in Lake Louise by being too cold. Check out this free How To Dress For the Weather Guide for ideas if you’re not sure what to pack for winter in the mountains.

5. Check out the morning wellness sessions

I know, waking up before 7:00 a.m. might not sound like your cup of tea, but trust me, these are some of the best sessions to start off your day. Whether it’s starting your day with a smudge, a morning run or walk with the AMA Youth Run Club, or a Richard Simmons-inspired Cardio Workout, there’s something for everyone to jumpstart their morning!

6. Bring a small carry bag

Moving from place to place all day, you might not have time to get back to your hotel room, so make sure you have a way to carry your notes, an extra phone charger and whatever else you need. There’s no shame in rocking a practical fanny pack, and I have no doubt you’ll see many of our team wearing theirs! (Did you know you can get a free fanny pack as a coach gift when you sign up to host an AMA Youth Run Club at your school!?)

7. Don’t forget the snacks

The perfect accompaniment to the practical fanny pack: snacks are a must to get you through the days in between meals. While there will be snacks provided throughout the conference, we still recommend packing some of your favourites to keep your energy up.

8. Take time for yourself

Wellness is an important part of Shaping the Future. There’s a lot going on at all times, so just remember to take a breather, go for a walk and take some time to make sure your well-being is taken care of. 

9. Head to the MarketPLAYce

On Thursday night, make sure you head to the Exhibitor MarketPLAYce for fun games and some adult beverages. Don’t forget to come in your best loungewear! I mean look at how fun this is:

10. Have FUN!

Above all else, have fun throughout the course of Shaping the Future, make connections, play some games and enjoy the time we get to share together!

**Bonus Tip**

Bring your best dance moves for the Friday night banquet and dance!

Erynn Biggar (Ever Active Schools) shows off her finger guns in a dance move at Shaping the Future 2022.

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