Educator Advisory Council

We're looking for innovative leaders to join our Educator Advisory Council (EAC). You'll build relationships with other school health champions, support professional development, and serve as a key informant on projects and activities.

What is the Educator Advisory Council?

The Educator Advisory Council (EAC) is a group of dedicated school health champions representing the regions of Alberta and beyond. This group comes together to learn from one another and help to inform Ever Active Schools’ (EAS) activities and services. Members will build relationships with other school health champions, fostering connections and relationships while supporting professional development between one another. Members serve as key informants and associates to support EAS with various projects and activities (see appendix A for examples of areas of support).

If selected, you'll serve on the council for a term of 3 years.

Applications are open until March 1, 2023

Teachers participating in workshops and games to support professional development

Please note the open application period has closed. If you're interested in the Educator Advisory Council program, please contact us at


  • Participate in meetings (occurring every two months, lasting 1.5-2.5 hours)
  • Communicate and respond to requests
  • Follow invoicing and payment procedures

For more details on membership, meetings, and responsibilities, check out the Terms of Reference.

Ways to be Involved

  • Resource Development, Promotion, and Review

  • Communications Support

  • Project Participation

  • Event Planning, Promotions, and Selection

  • Professional Learning Delivery

For more details on each of these areas and their associated compensation, check out the Service Sheet.

Guiding Principles

Strive to foster an environment characterized by open communication, mutual respect and an appreciation of the diverse backgrounds of the members of the EAC and Ever Active Schools.

Members will keep their schools/employers informed on the status of the EAC activities. Each member will determine the best means by which to gather and share information with Ever Active Schools, and back to their schools/jurisdictions.

The Chair will identify to Members when a confidential matter is being discussed or when confidential information is being shared with them. It is expected that in those situations, Members will maintain confidentiality.

Members try their best to prioritize participation in meetings. It is understood that some meetings will be missed, but members must attend at least 50% of meetings and not miss more than 2 meetings in a row.

The group will work together to create a feeling of fellowship with one another, sharing common attitudes, interests and goals.

The EAC strives to create learning opportunities for both the members and Ever Active Schools, always creating space to learn from one another.

Please note the open application period has closed. If you're interested in the Educator Advisory Council program, please contact us at