Ever Active Schools

On Demand

Let us infuse your next class with some fun physical activities.

EAS On Demand

With Ever Active Schools On Demand, one of our Health and Wellness Consultants will join your class virtually to lead 30 minutes of physical activity! We'll teach you and your class some new games, introduce you to some great resources, and of course, make it a fun, engaging time. A brain boost like this is a great way to re-focus and energize your class for the rest of your day.

Did we mention this opportunity is available to you at no cost? That's right: EAS On Demand is free!

Our second round of EAS on Demand is January 10th - 22nd, 2022. Registration is now closed. 

Our winter session of EAS on Demand will feature games and activities that you can use indoors or outside during recess time and DPA. We'll share two downloadable resources with you as well that are packed with even more great activity ideas:

As all sessions will follow a similar outline, we do not encourage classrooms to sign-up for more than one booking in this session. We can accommodate multiple classes and grade levels all in one session (you will all be sent the same meeting link).

Bookings for our current round of EAS On Demand are closed. Sign up for our e-newsletter to be the first to hear about upcoming opportunities.

Grade 3 Teacher

Edmonton Public Schools

"Your presentation was great! Is it possible to have you in again with us?"

Grade 3 Teacher

Evergreen Catholic School Division

"Thank you again for such a GREAT phys ed class! Can we book you for next week too please?!"

Grade 5/6 Teacher

Fort McMurray Public Schools

"The students really enjoyed that! Thanks for all you do as a part of EVERACTIVE and thanks so much for presenting for us!"



“It’s hard to keep them engaged right now and your lesson was exactly what we needed on this rainy day.”



“Thank you for hosting an amazingly engaging Zoom session.  Lots of ideas for our return to school and any future online learning.”