HASS Seed Funding

The Healthy Active Schools Symposia events across Alberta are a catalyst for change, and a strategy to support healthy school communities through student leadership. Student ideas come to life in many forms following this event with the support of many, including teachers, staff, parents and peers.

In an effort to support these amazing ideas further, school teams have the opportunity to apply for the chance to receive up-to $750. With this support it is our hope to help expand these ideas further and to limit the barriers that occasionally occur along the way.

For a chance to get selected, here’s what we need from you:

  1. Complete the following HASS Action Plan electronically so we can review your great work. Please gather your whole school health action team to complete this and include as much student voice as possible. Use this HASS Action Plan Idea Generator to support your team while building a smart action plan.
    TIP: When navigating the HASS action plan, use this instructions guide (pg.2) to support for tips and guidance in moving through, and saving your plan as you go.

  2. Action Plans will be reviewed against all other plans from your HASS event and will be assessed for quality of ideas and overall completeness. We will review all applicants and award up-to $750 for each location. This may be one school, or several, depending on how many applicants and the quality of the plans received.

Upon receiving seed funding, successful schools will be asked for the following:

  1. To create a 3-4 minute video highlighting the results of your plan, and explain how HASS was a catalyst to bring it to life. Again, we hope that students can play a big role in this process. Please note, that it is our intention to share your video with a broader audience through social media and online and as such, it is important not to mention personal information in the video and that all those who appear in your video have appropriate video release forms completed for your School and/or District and this PIPA form.

  2. Successful schools will also be contacted at a later time to complete an additional survey. This survey will have questions pertaining to your action plan, our support and how HASS made an impact to your school.


  • Complete Action Plan within 30 days of the HASS event you attended

  • Seed funding will be awarded 2 weeks after the deadline

  • Complete the 2-month evaluation

  • Submit your video 1 month after seed funding is awarded

*If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email Katelynn at katelynn@everactive.org*


hass-seed-fundi_16059307 (1)

To see how one school brought their idea to life with some seed funding, check out the video below.
Check back soon to learn more details about how to apply for seed funding this year!

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