Social & Emotional Well-being Booster Kit


​The Social & Emotional Well-being Booster Kit has been designed to bolster your daily physical activity (DPA) in a way that connects to all dimensions of wellness – physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual.

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Social & Emotional Well-being Booster Kit includes:

Refer to this resource for more information for using this kit.
* this kit has been designed for K-6 classrooms, but can easily be modified for 7-9 classrooms. 
*This equipment may be subject to change based on availability from the manufacturer. If any changes have been applied to your kit, you will be notified before it is shipped to you. 

1 review for Social & Emotional Well-being Booster Kit

  1. margaux

    We have been having such fun with the rhythm sticks!! It’s such a great activity to engage everyone. It helps them focus so well. They loved it. I have a child with Autism in the class. He verbalized for the very first time that he “enjoyed that activity” and it was tapping to the Trolls soundtrack. That was a thrill for all of us!
    -Carla Moffat

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