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The Return to Learn resource bundle is here to help you with physical distancing, social and emotional learning, physical activity and more in the classroom.



The Return to Learn resource bundle is made up of tools to support the safe and healthy return to physical learning spaces in a COVID-19 reality. The included resources will help you:

  • feel more prepared with learning strategies
  • guide students to maintain physical distance with easy-to-apply floor markings
  • assist with social and emotional regulation and preparedness to learn with space-friendly individual-focused activities and materials

Return to Learn bundle ($160 value) includes 3 resources that were selected for their suitability to ease students back into traditional school settings:

  • Don’t Walk in the Hallway features 64 easy-to-apply decals that provide spacing and navigation cues for classrooms and hallways, which in turn helps promote physical distancing. Also included is a handbook with ideas for integrating the decals into your lessons.
  • Shape Safari encourages fun, independent movement and breathing activities with visual and verbal cues that help students focus and prepare to learn.
  • Social & Emotional Shuffle helps students name, describe and express emotions, as well as recognize these emotions in others, through independent activities and conversation sparkers.

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Resources and Whole-school Professional Learning Bundle, Resources Bundle, Whole-school Professional Learning (no resources), Individual Professional Learning (no resources)

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All grade levels, K-3, 4-6, 7-9


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