Alphabet Animoves: Indigenous Editions

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We are experiencing a time when there are few remaining Indigenous language speakers.

The languages will only thrive with the understanding and support of the greater population of Canada. This resource was created to celebrate learning the Blackfoot, Cree, and Stoney Nakoda languages, using the existing foundations of Ever Active Schools Animal Alphabet resource and Be Fit For Life’s AniMoves resource.

Use this deck of Alphabet AniMoves to help explore fun and creative movements while learning the names of animals in Blackfoot, Cree, and Stoney Nakoda. There are cues for movement on the back of each card. Using these cues not only gives children opportunity to move, but can help in the learning and remembering of the name for each animal.

Available in Blackfoot, Plains Cree and Stoney Nakoda.

Printed editions are also available for free! Shipping cost is $12.00.

Check out this video from Holy Spirit Catholic School Division to help with Blackfoot pronunciations.


3 reviews for Alphabet Animoves: Indigenous Editions

  1. Steve

    Great resource. Thanks

  2. Zofia Zgolak


  3. Naomi

    I like the larger colorful rainbow letters and image of the creature! Get students moving!

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