The EAS Box: Embrace Winter

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The new Ever Active Schools Box is jam packed full of ready to use games and activities you can use with a class or group of students from Pre-K to 12! The theme of this box is winter and getting outdoors. Stay tuned for our next box, set to release in the spring. 

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Have you ever wanted a box you could open up and use immediately in the classroom, plus enjoy for yourself? Your wish has been granted.

The limited edition Ever Active Schools Embrace Winter Box is jam packed with ready-to-play games and activities you can use with a class or group of students from Pre-K to 12. Each box contains 3 resources, 35 pieces of equipment, 51 games and activities you can use right away, learning outcomes, and of course, a few goodies for you! One lucky box will receive a GOLDEN TICKET to Shaping the Future 2021 – will it be you!?

Buy a box for yourself, or gift it to a teacher or caregiver out there making a difference!

Please note there are limited quantities available.


A student teacher of ours and a grade 3 teacher (along with my help) did a trail tales activity this week. Long story short, this activity incorporated orienteering (with supplies from the EAS outdoor box), trail tales (provided through the mentorship), and an Inuit story (connecting to FMNI and literacy). In total, over 200 students and 8 teachers/classes (plus additional assistants) participated in the activity (Grades 2, 3, 4, and 5). Feedback was overwhelmingly positive and there is a lot of talk about trying out “math” or “social studies” trail tales next. I’d be hard pressed to think of an activity that could link much better to our ultimate goal of becoming a leading school in Comprehensive School Health.
Thank you and the EAS team for your continued support in making our school, staff, and students some of the most well rounded learners around!”
– Adam Pratt, Teacher at Heloise Lorimer School and Associated Facilitator for Ever Active Schools. Check out Adam’s video review of the box and its contents (warning: spoilers!)


Overall, I absolutely love this box and I will be highly recommending it to my co-workers.”
– Dayna Landry, Teacher at Aurora Elementary School 

*Reviewers were gifted the box in exchange for honest reviews.

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1 review for The EAS Box: Embrace Winter

  1. Breanne McPhee

    We LOVE our Embrace Winter box! It has provided us with a great excuse to take learning outdoors. These games and resources have my grade 7 and 8 students laughing, collaborating, problem solving, and learning new skills. And we have just started exploring the activities included!!

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