Dip, Dive and Glide


Dip, Dive & Glide: Immersing Physical Literacy in Aquatic Activities Comprehensive Aquatic Resource for K-8 or 6-13 years

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Who is this resource for and how will it be used? 

This resource is for those times that you take your group of students, participants, or children to the pool, and wonder, “now what?”
Developing movement skills and literacy in the water is necessary because it increases the confidence and competence an individual has in aquatic environments, allowing them to participate in a range of aquatic sports, and pursue careers in aquatics as they get older.

What you will find in this resource: 

  • Introduction to Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) and Aquatic Fundamental Movement Skills
  • Tips on partnering with your local community pool or recreation centre
  • Resource links for safety information
  • More information about physical literacy
  • Eleven featured games with detailed descriptions, modifications, safety considerations and more


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