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All About Me was created to support practitioners who work directly with children and youth participants, but can be modified to use with adults. With the help of this worksheet, practitioners can gain a better understanding of the preferences, strengths, and goals of their participants to best support their full and meaningful participation. The insights gained from using a worksheet like this one can help to inform programs and environments that are welcoming, inclusive, and affirming. What are you doing to ensure that your participants feel welcome in your program/environment? Download and use this sample worksheet or use it as a guide to create your own version based on your program and community!

This resource was created in collaboration with Alberta Medical Association Youth Run Club, Be Fit For Life Network, and Ever Active Schools. 

Thank you to the Centre for Sexuality for their support in the development of this resource. 


2 reviews for All About Me Sheets

  1. Lisa Mast

    I will be posting these into my classroom virtually during this historic time!

  2. Alison Goodman

    Thank you for these resources.

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