Positive Social Environments

Positive social environments is a priority area of comprehensive school health, with a focus on creating an environment to support social-emotional learning where every child is physically safe, emotionally secure and psychologically enabled to learn. Healthy relationships are a pivotal component of a healthy school community and a positive social environment. Alberta Healthy School Community Wellness Fund


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Name of Resource:
Author Organization
Teaching & Learning Social & Physical Environments Partnerships & Services Policy
Calming Music List Grade Level: K-12 Ever Active Schools A list of calming songs.
Comprehensive School Health Book List Grade Level: K-12 Ever Active Schools Comprehensive school health book list.
Professional Learning Opportunities Grade Level: K-12 Ever Active Schools Ever Active Schools provides quality professional learning opportunities that support a comprehensive school health approach through the three priority areas. Follow the link to see our menu of offerings for this school year.
Leading an SEL School Grade Level: K-12 National Center for Mental Health This handbook recommends steps to implement a social and emotional learning approach for all students.
Benefits of Garden-Based Learning Grade Level: K-12 Cornell University There are numerous academic, emotional, and mental proven benefits of school gardens. Improvements in grades, test performance, and overall behaviour have been noted. For more information, please visit this link.
Social & Emotional Well-being Booster Kit Grade Level: K-6 (Can be adapted for K-9) Ever Active Schools This booster Kit is meant to bolster your existing DPA with all dimensions of well-being, as well as foster inclusive and active environments for all students!
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