Daily Physical Activity

Using Daily Physical Activity to Support School-Wide Wellness

Alberta Education's Daily Physical Activity (DPA) policy emerged in 2006 to ensure that all students in grades 1-9 would be physically active for a minimum of 30 minutes throughout the school day. Join Ever Active Schools in exploring creative ways of incorporating DPA on a shoestring budget, through creating activity permissive learning environments, or by strengthening social-emotional learning skills through activity.

Physical Literacy for All

An introduction to fundamental movement skills and physical literacy. Just like learning to read and write, students need to learn how to move. Physical literacy engages and supports all students in activity by developing their confidence and motivation as movers while increasing competence in fundamental movement skills. Learn how you can help foster physical literacy in all areas of your school community, and take the first steps towards creating a movement-positive culture.



90 Minutes - $175 +GST

2 Hours - $225 +GST

1/2 Day - $275 +GST

Activity Permissive Learning Environments: Featuring "Don't Walk in the Hallway"
Eliminate Elimination Games
Building a Daily Physical Activity (DPA) Strategy for Your School
Enhancing Social & Emotional Well-Being through Daily Physical Activity (DPA)

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