Partnerships and Services

Partnerships and services is one of the four components of comprehensive school health.


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Partnerships are:

  • The connections between schools and families
  • Supportive working relationships within schools (staff and students), between schools and between schools and other community organizations and representative groups
  • Health, education and other sectors working together to advance school health.

Services are community and school based services that support and promote student and staff health and well-being. JCSH
This section includes links to partners that provide supports to schools, as well as to the services Ever Active Schools provides. On this page you can also find tools to support partnership. Additional resources that support the partnerships and services pillar of comprehensive school health can be found on the physical activity, healthy eating and positive social environments resource pages.

Name of Resource:
Author Organization
Grade Level
Alberta School Health Organizations Alberta Health Services in partnership with Alberta school health organizations
Several organizations are available to enhance the health and wellbeing of children and youth in Alberta by supporting the creation of healthy school communities. This document provides a brief outline of who these organizations are, and what support they can offer to your school community or jurisdiction.

Partnerships and Services Webpage
Alberta Health Services
This webpage provides links to many of the organizations in Alberta that support, coordinate, and provide services related to comprehensive school health. Learn about what each organization offers and how they can you help you create a healthier school community.


Cross-Sector Engagement Rubric Healthy Schools BC
The Key Components of Cross-Sector Engagement rubric was developed to support relationship building opportunities between cross-sector partners.

Building Corporate Relationships - A Toolkit for Non-Profits Alberta Government

This toolkit has been created to assist nonprofit organizations in their efforts to build relationships with the corporate sector. While the focus of this toolkit is the corporate sector, the same approach can be helpful in building new, or enhancing existing funding relationships with individual donors, foundations, government and other organizations.

Creating and Maintaining Partnerships KU Work Group: Community Tool Box

This toolkit provides guidance for creating a partnership among different organizations to address a common goal.


School Community Partnerships: Let's Rock the Boat Ever Active Schools
Ever Active Schools surveyed Albertans to determine the most effective strategies and practices for supporting meaningful and sustainable partnerships between schools and communities. 


Healthy School-Community Partnerships Evaluation: Full and Summary Report Ever Active Schools
Ever Active Schools assessed current school-community partnerships within Alberta through an interview process. 

School-Community Partnerships Themes Ever Active Schools
Ever Active Schools reviewed many of the activities and stories that emerged over the year, and summarized some themes that can serve as a road map to navigating and negotiating successful school-community partnerships.

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