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Meet the Team


All Alberta students belong to healthy school communities that enable optimal health and learning.


To provide provincial leadership that promotes and supports healthy, active school communities through a comprehensive school health approach.

The Leadership Team


Brian Torrance

Director of Ever Active Schools


Katelynn Theal

Comprehensive School Health Coordinator


Kerri Murray

Director of Ever Active Schools Projects


Chris Fenlon-MacDonald

Provincial Education Coordinator

The Projects Team

20190305-Andrea-Dion-Headshot copy-Resized

Andrea Dion

Resiliency Coordinator - Treaty 6

20190305-Matt-Letkeman-Headshot copy-Resized

Matt Letkeman

Resiliency Coordinator - Treaty 8


Melissa Tierney

Resiliency Coordinator - Treaty 7

CassieFlett Headshot 20191004 Resized

Cassie Flett

Resiliency Coordinator - Treaty 8

20190305 Hayley Degaust Headshot Copy Resized

Hayley Degaust

Provincial Projects Coordinator

20190305-Louise-McClelland-Headshot copy-Resized

Louise McClelland

Provincial Projects Coordinator

20190305-Tracey-Coutts-Headshot copy-Resized

Tracey Coutts

Active School Travel Coordinator


Jamie Anderson

"In Good Health" Coordinator

20190305-Krista-Trim-Headshot copy-Resized

Krista Trim

Provincial Projects Coordinator

20190305-Katie-Mahon-Headshot copy-Resized

Katie Mahon

Provincial Projects Coordinator

201901003 DanaFulwiler Headshot Resized

Dana Fulwiler

Provincial Projects Coordinator

The Education Team

20190305-Megan-McCormick-Headshot copy-Resized

Megan McCormick

School Health Facilitator

20190305-Adrian-Xavier-Headshot copy-Resized

Adrian Xavier

School Health Facilitator


Chesa Peter

School Health Facilitator

20190305-Scott-Bailey-Headshot copy-Resized

Scott Bailey

School Health Facilitator

The Operations Team


Rhonda Schilberg

Administrative Assistant


Terri Constantinescu

Administrative Assistant

20190305-Titun-Aderibigbe-Headshot copy-Resized

Titun Aderibigbe

Administrative Assistant

20191120 ShaunnaHaasJack Headshot Resized

Shaunna Haas-Jack

Administrative Assistant


Kayli McClelland

Creative Media Specialist


Rebecca Marjoram

Comms. Technologist

20191113 JillCarlson Headshot Resized

Jill Carlson

Business Development

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