Idea submitted by Brenda Bowman, Teacher, Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools

We received this awesome idea from Brenda! This innovative idea can be modified to be non-denominational, implemented throughout the year and modified to cater to limited mobility.

What’s your focus? Active Living
What’s your idea and how have you implemented it? 12 Healthy Days of Christmas:

It includes all staff and students. Every morning starting Dec 1, Health team members take turns daily to sing a verse of the 12 Days of Christmas during morning announcements, changing the words slightly to: “On the ___ day of Christmas, my teacher did with me: ___ (jumping jacks, lunges, fan dances, walrus waves, etc.) and 1 burpee!”

How did you overcome any barriers? Having done this for years, and having enthusiastic administration, even the office members participate.
What is the feedback so far? Kids love it, staff is participating more, and it’s now considered a tradition at our school.
Tips/strategy for how other schools can implement this idea: Get student input for the daily activities, pick a regular time so everyone is prepared and be sure the whole school understands that everyone needs to set an example by participating  and encouraging students.
Additional comments: Try to choose exercises that require doing one side of the body and then the other for the even days of the song.

Proof that making activity fun and including everyone can boost spirit and morale. Thanks to Brenda Bowman and her school for this great idea – we hope to see other schools giving it a try and adapting it to fit their own context!

We love reading about the innovative ideas that Alberta schools are implementing to boost physical activity, healthy eating and mental well-being for their staff and students. Is your school doing something cool? Email with your idea and you could be featured on our next blog post!

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