Health and Physical Education Enrichment

Tools for Enriching Health and Physical Education

Health and Physical Education is a dynamic and exciting subject area - don't fall into the routine of always doing the same thing! Join Ever Active Schools in exploring new ways to enrich your health and physical education subject areas through alternative environments and quality planning and assessment.

Physical Education in Alternative Environments

Alberta's Physical Education curriculum provides every student with the opportunity to develop and apply movement skills in alternative environments. Ever Active Schools supports teachers in meeting these outcomes in both the snow and ice environment, as well as in aquatic activities. With resources designed to build teacher confidence in turning “free time” into “quality time,” this session will look at the role environments and active supervision can play in intentionally building physical literacy and different dimensions of movement. Explore modifications, safety considerations and sustainable practices.



90 Minutes - $175 +GST

2 Hours - $225 +GST

1/2 Day - $275 +GST

The Future of Physical Education: Changing our Minds can Change Students’ Lives

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