Youth Advisory Council

We're looking for enthusiastic students to join our Youth Advisory Council (YAC). Share your voice, perspectives, thoughts and opinions on priority topics such as employment, education, and health and wellness.

We're looking for...

Are you between the ages of 15-25 and interested in health and well-being? Join the Ever Active Schools Youth Advisory Council! We're looking for 10 enthusiastic youth from across Alberta and beyond to share their voices on topics like employment, education, and health and wellness.

If selected, you'll serve on the council for a term of 1-3 years.

Applications are open until March 3, 2023

20221119 Youth Wellness Leader Certificate Training KM 0264

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  • Participate in council meetings
  • Share updates on what they are working on during council meetings (in and outside of the council)
  • Engage in learning and conversation with Ever Active Schools members and partners/stakeholders
  • Discuss priority topics (employment, education, health and wellness issues, etc.) relevant to their lives and communities, bringing their perspective as well as other experiences and skills to conversations and projects
  • Represent Ever Active Schools at events and presentations, participate in working groups, and contribute to discussions and resource-sharing outside of regular council meetings
  • Co-develop projects with Ever Active Schools staff members
  • Develop recommendations on how Ever Active Schools interacts with the public through:
    • Communications (e.g., social media)
    • Programs and services offered

Time Commitment

  • Dedicate approximately 1–3 hours monthly to the council through digital and/or face-to-face meetings, independent work, ongoing projects, training and event attendance
  • Council members may meet more often when collaborating on specific projects
  • When travel is possible, the council may meet in person at least once per year

Compensation and Benefits

There are many benefits to contributing to the Youth Advisory Council. Members have the opportunity to build personal advocacy and leadership abilities within a youth engagement framework that supports positive development and helps achieve personal goals. In addition to this, benefits/compensations include:

  • $18/hr
  • Travel coverage
  • Professional credentials on your resume
  • Job skill assistance (e.g., resume building)
  • Recommendation Letters
  • Access to Ever Active Schools programs and resources (e.g., High Five Training, etc.)
  • Ever Active Schools support in implementing community change
  • Engaging in networking and exploration of future employment opportunities
  • Free merchandise bag

Please note the open application period has closed. Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know when the next application period opens.