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Healthy school policy is one of the four components of comprehensive school health and includes management practices, decision-making processes and rules, procedures and policies at all levels that promote health and well-being and shape a respectful, welcoming and caring school environment. JCSH

This page includes resources to support the development of healthy school policy. Additional resources that support the policy pillar of comprehensive school health can be found on the physical activity, healthy eating and positive social environments resource pages.

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School Nutrition Policy Examples
Ever Active Schools
This resource provides information about school nutrition policies from across Canada.  The example policies are from both provincial and school jurisdiction levels.

Battle River School Division: Healthy School Communities and Workplaces

Battle River School Division; Ever Active Schools

This Policy document is a result of a joint project between Ever Active Schools and Battle River School Division.

Alberta Nutrition Guidelines for Children and Youth

Government of Alberta

These guidelines were developed to assist Albertans in creating environments that provide and promote healthy food choices, as well as to instill healthy attitudes about food in children and youth. Visit these links for specific guidelines which are tailored to a school, recreation, or day care setting.

Healthy School Policy: What is it and why is it important?

Alberta Health Services

Access this Alberta Health Services resource to learn about healthy school policy, how it contributes to a healthy school community, and see some examples of jurisdiction- and school-level policies.

Steps to Creating a School Nutrition Policy

Alberta Health Services

A step by step toolkit to creating a School Nutrition Policy.

Workplace Health Resource Toolkit

Alberta Health Services

The Workplace Health Resource Toolkit is intended to provide Alberta workplaces with guidance and support to develop and implement workplace health policies, programs and activities that are comprehensive and based on best practices.

Safety Guidelines for Physical Activity in Alberta Schools 2013

Injury Prevention Centre

Use the Safety Guidelines for Physical Activity in Alberta Schools to develop and implement safe instructional practices and minimize the risks of injury from physical activity. Valuable to teachers and school boards, the document has the latest information

Policy Readiness Tool

University of Alberta School of Public Health

The Policy Readiness Tool was created to increase local capacity for healthy policy change. It is designed for use by individuals, organizations, and municipalities interested in creating healthier communities.

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