Physical Literacy Summer Institute


  1. Alberta Nutrition Guidelines for Children and Youth: These guidelines will assist Albertans in creating environments that provide and promote healthy food choices and instilling healthy attitudes about food in children and youth.
    • Check out Guidelines for Policy Development on p.75-81
  2. Alberta Health Services Steps to Creating a School Nutrition Policy: A step by step toolkit to creating a School Nutrition Policy.
  3. Alberta Health Services Request for Proposal (RFP) Healthy Food Product Specifications: This document provides information to help schools with negotiating contracts with vendors and making a smooth transition towards offering healthy food options.
  4. University of Alberta School of Public Health Policy Readiness Tool: The Policy Readiness Tool was created to increase local capacity for healthy policy change. It is designed for use by individuals, organizations and municipalities interested in creating healthier communities.
  5. Pathways to Change: Six Theories about How Policy Change Happens: Sharon Stochowiak outlines six common theories or pathways for policy change – summarizing some underlying assumptions; typical activities and outcomes; and, some tips on practical applications for each theory.
  6. University of Toronto Center for Health Promotion Developing Health Promotion Policies: This workbook has been developed to help individuals and groups promote health in their community through policy development. The purpose of the workbook is to provide basic knowledge and skills about the policy-development process in specific settings, such as schools, workplaces or entire communities.
    • Check out the Road Map for Policy Development on p.4
  7. Alberta Health Services Healthy School Fundraising: This handout provides steps to help community groups create a healthy fundraising policy. It includes tips for successful fundraising and a variety of healthy fundraising ideas. Originally designed for schools, the ideas in this handout are also helpful for recreation and community centres.
    • Check out Steps to Create a Healthy Fundraising Policy on p. 1
  8. The Stay Active Eat Healthy® program is an evidence-based capacity building initiative developed in BC that aims to increase the provision of healthy food and beverages while restricting unhealthy options in municipal and community recreation facilities. This program has developed many great resources. Some are shared here, but check out their website for more.
    • Find some tips for creating sponsorship and corporate advertising policy here

  9. Westman Healthy Lifestyle Coalition Making the Move to Healthy Choices:This coalition provides awareness, education and makes available resources to encourage healthy food choices in community recreation facilities where families live, learn and play.
  10. City of St. Albert Sample Invitation to Tender: Check out this document for some ideas on language to use when writing a request for proposal from a food vendor to provide healthier options.


  1. Improving children’s nutrition environments: A survey of adoption and implementation of nutrition guidelines in recreational facilities, 2011. Dana Lee Olstad, Shauna M Downs, Kim D Raine, Tanya R Berry and Linda J McCargar.
  2. Implementing the Alberta Nutrition Guidelines for Children and Youth in a Recreation Facility, 2011. Dana Lee Olstad, Jessica R.L. Lieffers, Kim D Raine and Linda J McCargar.
  3. Adopting and implementing nutrition guidelines in recreation facilities: tensions between public health and corporate profitability, 2012. Dana Lee Olstad, Kim D Raine and Linda J McCargar.
  4. Choosing healthier foods in recreational sport settings: a mixed methods investigation of the impact of nudging and an economic incentive, 2014. Dana Lee Olstad, Laksiri A Goonewardene, Linda J McCargar and Kim D Raine.
  5. Profit Versus Public Health: The Need to Improve the Food Environment in Recreation Facilities, 2013. Dana Lee Olstad and Kim D. Raine. (link to PDF)
  6. Research of this section

  7. For a summary of some of the findings from Olstad’s research, browse these friendly handouts:

Food Handling

  1. Making the Move to Healthy Choices: This is a healthy eating toolkit for recreation, sport and community food service providers.
    • Check out food safety tips in section 6 p.33-36
  2. Alberta Health Services School Nutrition Handbook: This handbook offers a starting point to change or improve the school nutrition environment, and to assist everyone involved in schools in making it easy to eat healthy.
    • Check out the Food Safety Section p. 16-19
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