Comprehensive School Health



  1. Alberta Health Services Sugar Shocker: The purpose of the Sugar Shocker Education Kit is to raise awareness about the amount of added sugar in common drinks and to learn how to make better drink choices
    • Check out the Instructions for how to use the kit p.9-12
    • Check out the Activities Section p.25-59
    • Check out the Healthy Drinks Healthy Kids Handout p.61-64
  2. Alberta Health Service Curriculum Based Lesson Plans:
  3. Alberta Health Services Cooking Club Manual: this manual aims to teach children aged 8-12 food preparation and cooking skills, as well as healthy eating and food safety so that they can confidently choose and make nutritious foods. Includes ready-to-go lesson plans, background information and worksheets for the classroom and the kitchen. The content supports the Alberta Education Health and Life Skills curriculum and all recipes used in this manual are aligned with the Alberta Nutrition Guidelines for Children and Youth.


School Environment

  1. The Alberta Health Services website offers a wide variety health related resources for Schools and Teachers, including resources for School Nutrition. Some are shared here, but you can access all of this information by visiting their website.
    • This resource list provides school teachers and other child educators, administrators, health professional, and parents with helpful information and materials to teach students and children about nutrition and healthy food choices, all in one convenient location!
  2. Alberta Health Services School Nutrition Handbook: This Handbook offers a starting point to change or improve the school nutrition environment, and to assist everyone involved in schools in making it easy to eat healthy.
    • Check out the Link between healthy eating and learning on p.8
    • Check out Comprehensive School Health information on p.10
    • Check out information on Allergy Awareness p.21
    • Check out the Putting Healthy Eating into Practice Section p.23-38
    • Check out how to develop healthy eating guidelines for your school on p. 43
    • Check out the Keys to Success on p.45
  3. Alberta Health Services Steps to Creating a School Nutrition Policy: A step by step toolkit to creating a School Nutrition Policy.
  4. Alberta Health Services Nutrition Bites: This page has nutrition topics that are ready to be inserted into your school newsletter. Copy, paste and insert into your school or parent newsletter to keep your school community informed about nutrition!
  5. Alberta Health Services Healthy School Fundraising: This handout provides steps to help community groups create a healthy fundraising policy. It includes tips for successful fundraising and a variety of healthy fundraising ideas. Originally designed for schools, the ideas in this handout are also helpful for recreation and community centres
  6. Making the Move to Healthy Choices: This is a healthy eating toolkit for recreation, sport and community food service providers.
    • Check out the Taking Steps to Offering Healthy Choices Section on p. 7-8
  7. The Stay Active Eat Healthy® program is an evidence-based capacity building initiative developed in BC that aims to increase the provision of healthy food and beverages while restricting unhealthy options in municipal and community recreation facilities. This program has developed many great resources. Some are shared here, but check out their website for more.
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