Earth Day: A Time to Reflect; A Time to Act

Earth Day blog image with a background of various outdoor images with text that reads "A Time to Reflect, A Time to Act".

Written by Tracey Coutts, Ever Active Schools Welcome Earth Day! “Earth Day is an annual celebration that…raises awareness of the need to protect Earth’s natural resources for future generations.” (National Geographic, Education: Earth Day, 2024).  The first Earth Day was held on April 22, 1970; today, Earth Day is celebrated on either April 22 or…

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Have you Heard? The Ever Active Schools Podclass as a Resource to Support Inclusion and Diversity in School Communities

Podclass logo with text that reads "Resources to support inclusion and diversity in school communities".

Written by: Katie Mahon, Ever Active Schools Have you heard? Ever Active Schools launched a podcast in late 2020 called The Podclass. Intended as an educational resource, our hosts chat with professionals in health, education, inclusion and diversity, and well-being to explore connections between the three.   The first series, Conversations on School Health, is…

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The 2024 Winter Cycling Congress: What a Ride!

Written by:  Tracey Coutts and Katie Mahon, Ever Active Schools   Has this ever happened to you… You invite people to your favourite place, maybe it’s a pizza parlour, a place known for its delicious pizza but, just as your guests start to pour through the door, the parlour runs out of cheese. Like, completely.…

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Shaping The Future 2024 Banner Image

Different Location, Same Shaping the Future! 15 years of Shaping the Future. 15 years of memories, connection and learning all in the name of creating healthy communities and schools. This year, the annual Shaping the Future conference sponsored by Teach Nutrition and Belair Direct may have been held in a different location, but the atmosphere…

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Ever Active Schools project work in action with Loose Parts Play

Written by Kerri Murray, Director of Strategy and Innovation, Ever Active Schools Sometimes it is difficult to describe what we do. When asked by someone new, the conversation usually goes something like this: “So, what do you do?” “I work for a charity that does school-based health promotion.” “Are you a teacher?” “No.” “Are you…

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Written by Tracey Coutts, Ever Active Schools Watching young cyclists discover the freedom and thrill that comes with learning how to confidently navigate new neighbourhood and community routes is the equivalent of reading about C. S. Lewis’ Lucy moving deeper into the wardrobe, brushing past fur coats that transform to fir tree branches, on her…

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Written by Rebecca Marjoram, Ever Active Schools Have you been searching for the perfect podcast episodes to listen to? Are you looking to find some new, innovative ways to make your classroom a healthier place? Look no further! Podclass producer and EAS media specialist Rebecca has compiled a list of her top five Podclass episodes,…

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Written by Nathan White and Melissa Tierney, Ever Active Schools In our Everybody Plays project work, funded by Jumpstart, Ever Active Schools has been working with schools and communities to host leagues of play, which includes tournaments! This handy guide is intended to help you plan and host a tournament. It is important to note…

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In October 2022, Ever Active Schools had the opportunity to co-host the Alberta School Athletics Association (ASAA) Cross Country Running Provincial Championships with maskêkosihk, or Enoch Cree Nation. This was only the second time in ASAA history that a First Nation community was selected to host.  “It was so special because the Cultural Grounds [where…

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